Thursday, August 6, 2009

Poetry: "bestfriend"

Once I wished for someone to come,
someone who could be with me in this world
Someone who could teach me how to spread my wings,
And fly high like a bird.

Not for so long GOD granted my wish,
Im glad I’ve caught the most beautiful fish.
HE answered my prayers, it was you,
I jumped for so much joy like a kangaroo.

I promised HIM that when you’ll get sick, I’ll be your doc,
You’ll be my master, I’ll be your loyal dog;
And whenever you need me, I’ll be coming to see yah,
I’ll run fast, faster than a cheetah.

Having "YOU is the greatest thing, that’s true,
Its like having all amazing animals in one zoo,
AND if one day I’ll lose your touch so mild
It will be tough for ME, i will cry like a child.

But if sooner or later i have to leave,
Don't cry coz i won't be gone
We will meet again, i promise,
This, I want you to always remember.

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