Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Weekend Getaway: Mt Pico De Loro

November 7-8, 2009
"Reaching your goal is just like climbing a mountain. Once you reach the top, its pretty much satisfying."
November 7, 4:30 to 5:30 AM - Assembly Time @ Jollibee Farmers, Cubao. By 10 AM we reached Ternate Cavite. We stopped by to buy food for lunch and dinner.

MSI Peepz - RG,Lui,Det,Khar,Jim,Sheila,Phibz,Jayson and Kelvz

12 NN after a quick lunch and rest from base camp, we began our trek. From easy to difficult trail, we went higher and deeper into the forest. Unlike Mt Pundaquit, Pico de Loro's trail, my second climb by the way, is a little bit friendlier, with rocks and trees you can grab and rely on.
Finally, by 4:30 PM, after the exhausting climb, we've reached the campsite, a 20-minute away location from the mountain peak. We set up our tents and enjoyed the view. It's windy and the breeze of the air was so cool and fresh!

We're glad the sky was so clear, its perfect for star gazing during the night. After dinner we had a little socializing activity with our group and other mountaineers, then by midnight, its lights off.

Rise and Shine people...let's enjoy the Sunrise!
After Breakfast we began climbing the Peak!

Here's how we got there:

November 8, the weather was great (except for the strong wind) By 8:30 AM we reached the summit.

The 360 degree breathtaking scenery from the top was worth the climb! The beauty of nature was priceless and the only thing you can say is WOW!

One thing i wasnt able to do up there though, is to climb the isolated rock, my knees were already shaky that time, maybe because my bones lack calcium or maybe its just fear... anyway im satisfied where i already am and besides my friends reached it for me. Im happy for them! really! =P

To non-climbers, you may wonder how they got there. Yeah, it is very difficult but it is Possible! you just have to take the risk but of course you still have to be very careful because mistake is not an option.

Firstly : You have to go down from the peak.
Secondly : Walk around the cliff

Thirdly : Climb up using a rope and assistance from Sir Mike =)
Lastly : Climb some more with bare hands til you get to the top!

Before going back down to jump off, we treat ourselves by enjoying the falls. The water was refreshing!

Sir Toto : Founder of Lakbay Mountaineering Group

Mommy Su : Mountaineers' Iron Mum! =)

I lose some fats (which is a very good thing), gained new friends, bonded with my weird officemates, hehe, and most especially, spent time with mother nature!

Thanks again everybody for this wonderful climb! We missed Gianne, Mace and Angel in this climb. Well, There is always be a Next time! =) RG organize the fun climb ha! =P

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