Sunday, September 25, 2011

WhatI learn today: Theme Song with God

September 23
St Pio's Feast Day

I, together with Gi, Aleli and Ms Fanny attended a mass at St Pio's church for Padre Pio's feast day.
To end his(the Priest) sermon, he shares with us(he actually sang!) his theme song with the Lord. I never thought this love song could be a theme song with God! But I really felt his song and it became meaningful to me too.

Basta't kasama Kita by Dingdong Avanzado. Here's the chorus:

Basta't kasama Kita
Lahat magagawa
Lahat ay maiaalay sa'yo
Basta't kasama Kita
Walang kailangan pa
Wala nang hahanapin pa
Basta't kasama Kita.


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