Monday, July 30, 2012

What I learn today: Writing heals

When I was younger, I always dreamed of writing something unique. I started experimenting my imagination, daydreaming and living a life while sleeping. But each time I begin writing the very first sentence of my story, I go blank. I sure do have lots of ideas in mind but I cannot construct them into a single picture. I get tired of thinking, of composing my thoughts and it becomes a routine, everything I started, I couldn't finish. The fact of the matter is, I am confused as to what I really want to write, I have difficulties looking for the right words to describe the details, I am  scared! Scared that I might be criticized. I lack confidence and courage in sharing my thoughts. So, I abandoned writing.

These imaginative visions were just photographically preserved in my own world of fantasy. A sanctuary where I hid my inner self in times of loneliness, a place where I find peace and solace. 

But as I grow up and track the new phase of my life, I learned the significance of writing. It isn't just something you can use to tell everyone your selfish, childish daydreams but is an essential tool to express what you have bottled up inside for the longest time. 

After trying some remedies to ease the pain, I found comfort in writing. Running, keeping yourself busy, doing silly things and crying alone could help you a bit. But writing in my experience, is much safer, less exhausting thing to do when you want to express your emotion, especially anger and sorrow. I came to a point where I acknowledge writing as a therapy to mend a broken heart. 

I started writing again, this time I inked down every detail with sincerity and surprisingly, Im able to finish what I couldn't before.

And as time goes on, I learned how to manage my emotions. I put away my selfishness and tried  putting myself into other people's shoes to have a better understanding of what they feel. I become more sensible and responsible with my actions. Now, I write not just when I'm lonely or mad or bored but also when I am excited, in-love, and happy! Because this is what I really wanted to share with my friends and loved ones, a glimpse of who I truly am.

Through writing, I am slowly bringing myself out of my shell, becoming a more confident writer who have gained wisdom on the more important things: Love, Faith and Life itself…

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