Saturday, December 1, 2012

This Christmas-sy Feeling!

Christmas is oh so here! Christmas lights eveywhere, everybody's singing christmas carols; Christmas trees were up and lit. Ready for the season of giving!

While walking along the sidewalk towards the church, I saw a guy in a wheelchair and I suddenly remembered my college friend who was struck by polio in her young age. I admire her strong will and independence. They inspire me to be more optimistic whatever life brings. 

Cainta Church

Our Christmas tree is made of recycled bottles of softdrinks.
Creatively designed and engineered by my two sisters and mum!
Artistic isn't it?! =)

I worked on a Manger for my friend's 3rd grader
and here is my messy workplace:

colored pencil drawing...

and here's the finished product... yey!
A blessed Christmas everyone!

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