Sunday, February 17, 2013

Food & Friends

2nd week February 2013

I've been very busy this week. Yes, busy dining with friends! and my struggle with dieting continues... who can resist good food anyway? Argh!

Prior to 3 consecutive pigging out nights, Oracle Phils has invited us for a lunch treat @ Cyma Greek Taverna in Eastwood. Watercress Salad and Cold & Grilled Pikilia for starters, Baby Clams Angel Hair Pasta, Garides Mi Feta Spaghetti, Meatless Moussaka, Chicken and Seafood Yiouvetsi for main courses, Pistacchio and Flaming Mango Ice Cream for dessert and Bottomless Iced Tea! 

Food Trip it is!
We've been planning for a night out with our bride-to-be friend and we're suppose to have dinner within Makati City area but one of our friends, Bitchy Boi, was hospitalized in Quezon City. We paid a visit first then dined-in at Amici Restaurant along Tomas Morato.

Karaoke night with single ladies on Valentine's Day. Bittersweet haha! 

On Friday, we had lunch at Rufo's restaurant, my teammate's treat and to cap the week off, a dine-out treat of a former teammate at 77 Bar, Cafe, Resto in Kamuning. Funny moments were remembered, we ultimately had a good laugh throughout the night!

oh, i love food and so are my friends! =D

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