Monday, October 6, 2008

Random Thoughts: Bantay Bata 163

Norzagaray, Bulacan
December 4, 2005

“what you do unto others, do unto God and what you did not do unto others, you did not do unto God.”

On Sunday, December 04, we traveled to a place where God’s little angels were hiding. From a distance, we see these beautiful native-inspired houses on top of a hill… excitement rushes through our veins. As we entered this paradise, kids embraced our hearts. Looking from the wide-opened windows of their rooms, they welcomed us by shouting “ate” and “kuya” …singing songs while waving their hands with the widest smiles on their small faces. We had goosebumps…

While waiting for them, we prepared the hall, food and gifts, took some pictures and had a peek at the wonderful view. In a moment, they came in one-by-one, we were enthralled to see them gathering around, filling up the room. Their innocent eyes, charm, soft voices, their tender touch… each of them captivated our hearts. They reminded us of our younger years, no problems and just playing around all day but, these were no ordinary children, they were the abused, harmed mentally, physically and sexually by those whom they thought who could give them proper care and attention. They were the abandoned, left by those whom they thought who would love and  fight for them. It is hard to imagine that these innocent angels has experienced such a tragedy at young age. They were the angels with wounded souls.

For the short time we cheered them up and made them feel our sympathy, they treasured it.

For even just a while, we became part of their lives and played a part of their healing process…

Being “ates” and “kuyas”, we were fighting back our tears as we entertained them, you can see the happiness they felt when we fed them, handed them with the gifts and when we played with them but their eyes tells you how deep they were…how they longed for compassion and attention, how they hoped for a family that could truly care and love them.

We were about to leave when these kids start calling our names, saying “balik kayo ha” and “magkita tayo ulit ha.”, we had  mixed emotions…

This is one extraordinary opportunity for me and my colleagues, to be part of an outreach program with the Bantay Bata kids. To have shared a precious time with them…the early morning and long trip worth it.

May these children get the justice they deserve. Let us continue praying for them, that someday they will achieve what they want to be, and that someday, somewhere…they will be strong enough to overcome their fears and anxieties, and live harmoniously with the scar of their past left behind in the dark tunnel they’d been through.

Thank You for all the support you have shared..
May God Bless You in this Advent Season and always.

Angie Formacion
Chelle Santillan
Karen Piolo
Louise Ladio
Apple Batisla-Ong
Rowena Padua
Jo Lim
Maricel Bihasa
Tom Pascual & Family
Ara & Joseph Gahol
Sherwin Fernandez
Bey Enrico
Fernan Meman
Jojo Cerin
Mae Balubar

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