Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Poetry: Have You Ever…

Have you ever woke up one morning feeling so bad…
You didn’t know why…tears just run down from your eyes
you start crying?
Have you ever had sleepless nights wondering...
if you could ever bring back the good old times?
Have you ever lost your appetite
just because you felt so full
Yet empty inside?

Have you ever realized, how much pain has tortured
your heart and mind?
Have you ever asked yourself,
“Am I crazy, obsessed or just a freak gone wild?

Have you ever tried to calm yourself when you’re mad
because you can't have something?
Or you’re expecting a thing but at the end you still got nothing?
Have you ever seek much,
much more than life could ever bring?

Have you ever hoped that someday,
You would rather have a selective amnesia
So you could just choose what to remember
and forget the heartaches that made you suffer?
Have you ever had a thought,
that maybe sleeping and living in your dream forever,
would make your life better and could make you happier?

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