Thursday, August 12, 2010

Road Trip

I just finalized our itinerary for Ilocos getaway on August 27th to 29th...Yoohoo!

From Quezon City which is located in Central Luzon, we will travel up to the Northern tip of Luzon to reach the Blue Lagoon, the Boracay of the North. We will also visit Vigan City and some other tourist spots along the way. I am totally excited about it!

I've been creating successful and budget-friendly itineraries for my friends for quite sometime now and I'm sort of loving it! hehe.. =) I've been trying to squeeze in our budget without compromising the destinations we have to visit. It should always worth the travel time!

Aside from the tours and road trips, I also prepare teambuilding itineraries for small groups as well, which includes games and night activities/socials. It is difficult and tedious to do a list of always need to research and consider, of course, the weather, the date, the place and most especially the budget but by just preparing the itinerary, it makes feel like I've already been around the country. I often discover unknown but amazing places everytime I do a research. Philippines is indeed full of beautiful and interesting tourist spots!


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