Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Random Thoughts: Office Pantry

Eating time is one of the most intimate moments you will ever have with someone.

The pantry is the smallest area in the office yet it is one the most memorable (the other is Buffalo Room) for me. Aside from having breakfast, lunch and afternoon breaks in this place, it is where I share good food and good laugh with my friends and co-employees. It is also where I get to see those new faces and those I barely see during work hours.

We used to celebrate birthdays and surprise the celebrants in the pantry, we even gather breakfast parties early in the morning. My friends and I used to hang out here just to share news, good or bad, life stories and sentiments.

Mam Fanny, Angie and Angel's Birthday

Breakfast Christmas Party

Mam Wendy's Birthday

Gianne's Breakfast Birthday Party

Gianne's Birthday

Now, everytime I eat in the pantry...alone...I miss the good old times. The laughter of my friends who have resigned echoes repeatedly in my mind. I miss the times when pantry seems like to be ours, we have our own table too. The bond of our friendship was strengthened in this place but things are a lot more different now. It feels like I'm in a school where my school friends were graduating one by one and now eating somewhere else. But just like what graduates do, we can always have a reunion! and that's something what I always look up to. =)

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