Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What I learn today: Respect

One of my colleagues shared an excerpt of two of our teammates' instant message conversation.

One is telling the other that most of the team doesn't like his behavior. The guy's only reply: He doesn't care! He doesn't even want to talk about it.

My other colleague even saw his ym status: "RESPECT HAS SOMETHING TO BE EARNED, NOT TO BE IMPOSED..."

This guy is a newbie by the way(and a fresh grad too), as a newly hired employee he should know where he stands. And as a person, he should know how to be courteous towards other people.

Anyway, the straightforward comments of his draw outrage within the group, and honestly, I'm one of them, and my initial reaction was "could somebody give him a dictionary and show the meaning of RESPECT?!" I was so annoyed by his egoistic, selfish attitude.

By lunch time I still can't move on & have thought about it all over again.

I think he just need a proper guidance from mature people like us.
"Respect is something to be earned, not to be imposed"...is correct.
But he needs to be enlightened with its real meaning.

It doesn't mean "Respect me first before I respect you" but rather more of a "I'll respect you, so I hope you respect me too" kind of thing.

Just imagine if we all think like him, waiting for others to respect you first? it's a chaos! the word respect will be deleted in every dictionary. Bastusan nalang di ba?

Respect shouldn't be imposed, should never be, coz it must be in our own initiative to show others, so we can also earn and gain respect from them.

In addition, he's a professional whose main job is to have a good relationship with those around him at all times. This kid still has a lot of things to learn. I told the guys, we shouldn't be harsh in any way but rather make a clear, respectful statement that could have a positive impact on him!

and wow... their feedback was way better than their initial reactions...it is as if I tamed a pride of lions. No single violent reaction whatsoever on the mail thread. Anger turns sympathy.

Well, I am not known for giving out opinions on things. But I made a strong case here and they expressed their appreciation on what I said. Everybody agrees my point of view. That's one way to earn Respect, I guess! 

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