Friday, August 13, 2010

Korean Drama/Movie Diary

My very first (and favorite) Korean drama is Lover's in Paris. I watched it right after I finished watching the Japanese dramas Gokusen and GTO:Great Teacher Onizuka and Taiwanese version of Hana Yori Dango, the Meteor Garden. The plot was much different from the usual heavy drama Telenovelas I'm used to watch, so I started liking the story of their culture. I even enjoy hearing those Korean lines! I have downloaded the OSTs and even tried memorizing the songs' romanized lyrics. I may not understand it but it really sounds good to me. From then on, I borrow or buy korean DVDs just to watch kdramas. My friends told me I'm getting addicted with it and I think I really am...hehe.

Most of them are romantic-comedy and eventhough the drama part was not that heavy, it still is very touchy and captivating, my eyes ends up teary everytime. It really makes me feel good watching those cute, adorable characters.

Can't get enough, I searched for more interesting Korean and Japanese drama/movies to feed my drama addiction (Korean Movies: My Sassy Girl, Windstruck, 10 promises to my dog, 4th Period Mystery, Itaewon Murder Case, Baby and Me, My little Bride, Cyrano Agency, and Romantic Island which features The Philippines' Boracay Island. Korean Drama: A love to kill, Endless love, Coffee Prince, Love Story in Harvard, Fullhouse, Hello Miss!, and just recently Personal Taste. Japanese drama: Hana Kimi, It started with a kiss). The Vineyard Man and Prince Hours are yet to be finished.

My Girl, Boys Over Flowers, Cinderella Sisters and Princess Hours were among my personal favorites and I just added You're Beautiful in my fave list. It will be aired next week in ABS-CBN @ 5:30 PM daily. Unfortunately, can't watch the tagalized version coz my time out at work is 6:30 PM. I'm still hoping that there will be replays on Ch23 during weekends. =)


Update 05/24/12: Adding to my list were City Hunter and Dream High.

A different Lee Min Ho! From his childish character in Boys over Flowers, he is now an action figure. The way he portrayed  Lee Yoon Sung is super cool! He and Nana also makes a cute couple. Even the guys from work talks about it anywhere... =D This action-drama is thrilling but is so fun to watch. Hope to si Min Ho in an action film soon!

Im not a fan of a music-themed tv series but my friend kept on insisting that I have to watch this KDrama 'Dream High'. Then a chance came and was able to watch the series. It captivated my heart, as if I'm one of students...wanting to achieve a dream, chasing for it, fighting for it. No wonder this drama was shown to several countries and has won the Rose d’Or 2012(An international entertainment television festival that takes place in Lucerne, Switzerland which awards ‘Golden Roses’ for originality, quality and creativity in television entertainment programs every year) category for ‘Children & Youth’. Plot from Wikipedia: Six students at Kirin Art High School work to achieve their dreams of becoming stars in the Korean music industry. During the drama, the students learn how to develop their singing, songwriting and dancing skills while also undergoing personal growth. They also go through their love life and start to develop feelings for each other. Each one of the students has his or her own strengths and weaknesses, but with the support and guidance of each other, they strive to debut on stage.

Update 10/28/11: My Saga in searching for best korean movies continues... today I was moved by two korean love stories. Il Mare's(2000) the first one I watched. Comparing it with its American version, "The Lake House", the original I think is better but I like the mailbox in the lake house. I just finished watching He was Cool(2004), starring Song Seung Hun(Endless Love opposite Song Hye Kyo) and Jeong Da Bin. Korean girls seems to be not-so-good-looking the first time I see them but as the movie or drama goes on, they become adorable, cute, pretty and so is Da Bin. As I was looking for top movies in Youtube, I saw a video of Da Bin, with caption "Rest in Peace Jeong Da-Bin". I searched for her name and I learned that she was also the lead star of Attic Cat, the one who committed suicide in 2007, just a few weeks before her 27th birthday. The report says, the suicide was triggered by depression. I was saddened to know that she's one of those Korean celebrities who ended their lives with their own hands.

Update 10/27/11: I spent the day watching korean movies with actors from my favorite kdramas. I searched the web to look for the good ones and here are some of what I found: Heartbreak Library(2008) - Love story. Which stars Lee Dong Wook(My Girl) and Eugene(Romantic Island); My Mighty Princess(2008) - Martial Arts movie. In which the heroine(Shin Min AH - Bi's leading lady in A Love to Kill) has a super-human strength; Daddy Long Legs(2005) - Love Story. It was inspired by the novel Daddy-Long-Legs by Jean Webster. It stars Ha Ji Won and it features a cameo by Hyun Bin. I was surprised to find them in a movie together!(Aww, I suddenly missed Secret Garden). Three different stories in a day. Heartbreak Library is tragic, Mighty princess is more of a fantasy and Daddy Long Legs is sad. But among the 3, I like Daddy Long Legs the most. It began with an animation followed by some boring scenes but my curiousity on who the mysterious "daddy long legs" is, made me continue. And I'm glad I watched it 'til the end. A must see Korean Movie. 

Update 10/24/11: Its been a while since I updated this post, its not that I stopped watching Asian dramas and movies, I just don't have time to open my blog. Anyway, during these months, I've seen some movies; Hot for a Teacher(a korean comedy movie) and This Crazy Thing called Love(a taiwanese comedy love story). I finished 49 days(Pure Love) 3 weeks ago and I do miss watching it. And if my tears could count she should have enough! =) Since, Halloween is getting closer, I came to think about it... what if, what happens in 49 days really happens in real life? can you succeed in looking for 3 tears coming from people who truly loves you? what would you do if you struggle to find them? there are also lots of scenes in which I wonder, what if these are somehow real. What if the person next to you is actually possessed by another person's spirit, who needs help in finding those three pure tears. what if he is or she is someone you know...someone close to your heart...someone who doesn't know that it was he or she is what your heart desires. It inspires us to value life even more. This drama is truly amazing and is very imaginative. I hope 49 days is real, so everyone will have the chance to leave this planet at peace. 

Update 05/19/11: Done watching Secret Garden. Must I say, it is now on top of my fave Kdrama list! =) so in love with the love-hate relationship of Kim Joo Won and Gil Ra Im, as well as, Oska and Yoon Seul,  it made me believe that every one of us is destined with the right person. Even all the magical and surreal things(from the dead father's intervention to switching of bodies, to the wicked mother and just everything!) that have happened made me believe that it actually happens! somehow, somewhere... hah! so childish of me to believe that. But eventhough this is such a "fairy-tale" drama, I wanna watch it all over again...and again...and again. I love the storyline, the twists and the funny and sweet moments of them. I just don't want it to end. awww... I'm gonna miss watching this for sure.

Update 05/20/11: A Millionaire's First Love(2006) / 100 days with Mr Arrogant(2004). Looking for more Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won, I found this two old movies featuring a much younger Bin and Ji Won. Hyun Bin's(Kang Jae-Kyung) First Love is a dramatic movie while Ha Ji Won's(Kang Ha-Yeong) Mr Arrogant is a comedy. I remember watching a younger Son Ye Jin too -A Moment to Remember(2004)- last holiday where she had an Alzheimer's disease, a sad movie. But I've shed a bit more of tears in A Millionaire's First Love, a sad movie but way better. Hyun Bin seems to like track suits, he wears them even before! =D

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