Friday, July 31, 2009

Random Thoughts: Time Capsule

Front L-R: Fanny, Kate, Gem, Lui.
Back L-R: Abel, Jenny,Tom, Franz, Rex
Flashback...2nd Half...2006!

Oracle Implementation for MSI-ECS new system...

Im one of the members of the Oracle Core Team...
We learned to treat this company as our home for almost two months (more than - for others). Welcome aboard!
Food: with grocery allowance and free food from breakfast to midnight snacks. (it's where i gained too much fat...really!)
Aircon: switched on all the time...
Shower: an exclusive bathroom allotted just for us!
Salary: tripled! OT with night differential rate plus perfect attendance incentive (how can you be late if you're living in the company?!)
Bonus: oh well, after the "almost-24hrs-a-day" special job...we really deserve this!
Ghost: a freebie! haha... scary cats! we had goosebumps and mini-frightening experiences but its fun!
Entertainment: we would watch movies using the projector (shhhh..hehe) or play on-line games (i was caught by the President once!)

This is such a once-in-a-lifetime IT experience! It is when i realized, my thesis study was just a piece of cake... (if i can only turn back time)
THE JOB: we have to sit all the time to analyze and test the process. (uh-oh, brain damage)
TIME OF WORK: we call ourselves Zombies. "Sleeping" is not an option, nap it is! If you're an IT Professional, you're like a doctor on-call. This means, we have to set aside unimportant and not-so-urgent personal activities (as for me, i have to abandon my badminton buddies for awhile =(
"MILENYO": bagyong milenyo! is the greatest challenge! blackouts (we dont have reliable UPS that time), we have the scariest and strongest winds trying to rip off the roof and the glass door...

But after all the hard work....i've gained a lot:
Friends: A circle of friendship was formed Gi, Mace, Badeth, Dang,
Macky, Angel, Karen, Rex, Edwin and others.
Getaway: The team went on to visit my place and dang's Hundred Islands resort in Pangasinan. We also went to Boracay to relax, have fun and release all the stress our body have absorbed during oracle days.

Reward: The Oracle Team was awarded during Company's Kick-Off for our commitment and successful implementation!

Boracay Nov 2006
Now, luckily for all those newcomers, they're enjoying the GUI-based system.
It's fulfilling to see that the hard work paid off. Im glad to have encountered such an opportunity.

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