Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What I learn today: MCF Addiction

I am Detective Bugz and i am proud to have solved two mysterious cases in the most haunting places last weekend.

My first assignment is to find the four missing students who went to Dire Grove to find proofs that a legend called "Banshee" is real and to solve their mysterious disappearance.

Together with my pen, journal and backpack, i began collecting pieces of puzzles that could lead me to these students' whereabouts. After 7 grueling hours of analyzing each puzzle piece, i have found all four of them and i have also found out the legend is indeed real! I am glad we all got out alive. That is one cold place out there!

The second one is a harder case. I was thrown into this huge, scary mansion, The Ravenhearst Manor, to solve Rose Sommerset's and her twin daughter's case. I have trouble going into the house but i have managed to go inside by breaking the window glass. Each room has been locked up not just by any ordinary padlock but most are mind-boggling puzzle locks. I was able to unlock each of them and found out that Victor, the son of Charles, has an obsession with locks! No wonder everything was locked up. The Sommersets were held captive by these 2 men for years. I have eventually found the Sommersets' dead bodies and was able to free their souls from Charles' and Victor's soul torturing machines. Case closed!

This nerve-racking detective game made my eyes sore and gave me a headache for a long while. i have to admit, i got addicted with it and i am already looking forward to solve another mystery case this long weekend! MCF by Big Fish is such a spectacular game! I hope someone will make a movie out of it.

Two thumbs up for this game...Try it, its cool!

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