Thursday, September 16, 2010

Birthday Treat!

Mam Irene's post-birthday treat
Shakey's Libis
15th September 2010

After our wednesday badminton session(which rental fee was also paid by mam irene =D), we fed ourselves more calories than what we have burnt during the 2-hr game! =P

actually we're just a background, the photographer wants to
photograph the girl playing at the back..hehe..

Kharysh and Lui

Maica and Bey

While waiting for the food....


Again, thank you for the treat and more birthdays to come Ms Irene!

-From Smashers Club(Lui,RG,Nesty,Maica,Mam Lea, Gary,Kaye,Fer,Nathan,Bey,Khar,Rap)

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