Sunday, November 28, 2010

Random Thoughts: Photo Calendar

2010 will be over several weeks from today. Just like the other past years, it passes us by too quickly don't you think? What happened to you this year? Have you been lucky? Happy? What are your goals for next year? Would you like to make a difference or start anew? 

What I do sometimes to remind me of what I did the last year is personalize my calendar(I, sometimes print a couple of copies for my friends too). I put photos of the things I did(new experience/s, happy gatherings, etc) in a particular month. It doesn't just put a smile on my face, it also motivates me to do better and explore new things. Looking at it makes me feel like I have to do greater things for the next 12 months so that next year the pictures that I will put on the new calendar will outshine than those from the previous year!

New Year's Resolution#1: DIET!!!
New Year's Resolution#2: Give and Take for a better relationship.
New Year's Resolution#3: More time with Teammates.
New Year's Resolution#4: Do something special for friends.
New Year's Resolution#5: More travel with travel buddies.
New Year's Resolution#6: More surprises for dear ones.
New Year's Resolution#7: Make new friends.
New Year's Resolution#8: Do things I have never experienced before.
New Year's Resolution#9: My birthday gift to myself: Share my blessings
with others.
New Year's Resolution#10: Learn new things from IT people.
New Year's Resolution#11: More physical activities for a healthy body.
New Year's Resolution#12: Be yourself all the time but learn how to 
control your temper and emotions to avoid hurting someone.

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