Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Random Thoughts: 7 Days to Live

"I would show and tell my loved ones how much I love them on the first day.
I’ll go see my favorite places and visit old friends on the second day.
I would share my knowledge to little children and give my things to the needy.
I’ll treat everybody special, smile even to strangers and crack a joke to the lonely.
On the fifth day, I’ll pray to God, ask for forgiveness and to Him, I'll surrender my hands. 
And on the sixth, I would give up my life for someone, for that person to have a second chance. 
I'd rather sacrifice the last day of my life than living it without trying to save someone else's life.”

Inspiring isn't it? Maybe. Maybe not. 

In reality, we don't know how much time we have left... Do we really need to know before we do these things? No! really, we shouldn't wait for that to happen before we start inspiring others and do good deeds. 

Right?! I think so.

Show and tell your loved ones you love them as often as you can.
Find time to keep in touch with your friends because old or new, they are precious and golden.
You can always share your blessings to others and teach kids anytime, anywhere.
There's no harm in smiling at strangers, smile sincerely as much as you can, 
it is the simplest way to brighten up somebody's gloomy day.
Praise God and surrender all your worries to Him at all times. Don't just ask for forgiveness, do what is righteous.
You can save a life without sacrificing yours, just make a difference and be an inspiration.

Sometimes, the only thing we need to make this happen is just our own initiative to do them. 

May this advent season gives you ample time to reflect on your life and cherish everything that you have.

18 days to Christmas!

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