Thursday, June 9, 2011

Poetry: This Bittersweet Feeling

in silence you came, you're not aware
your innocence made me wait in vain.
you've captured the heart that belongs to somebody else.
my heart's pounding whenever you're near, can't explain.

i felt it but can't interpret it,
i saw it but can't describe
i knew it but tried to ignore it,
tell me more 'bout love and life!

is it right, is it wrong?!
just tell me now, 'to you i belong...'
coz im very much willing to learn how to sing, 
this new, wonderful and lovely song.

your every smile
i forget the least, 
in my invade
your embrace i beseech.

we're friends that have fallin' in love
i don't know when it started, 
i just know its music when i hear ur laughter.
out of confusion...
in my heart, you have landed.

for now...
i don't care what the world may say
the feeling is just too strong, 
come what may.

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