Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Weekend Getaway: Pandin Lake

Pandin Lake
Laguna, Philippines
4th June 2011

Friday night. Off we go to Laguna. It was Paolo and Lia's despedida. Off they go to a greener pasture. 

It was a stressful Friday, we had a presentation with Mr. Goo and Mr. Willis from VMware Education. Great it is to end the day with my Big Time friends. =) Time to take off that stress from my system! Hours later, we're back in Paolo's residence. I, being a Yaya for a day is so much fun! Jiggs and Moi are very energetic kids... i think i lost some pounds just laughing along with them! they're so adorable! =D

Just arrived at Paolo's Mansion.

Playing around with Jerome's son, Jiggs.

15-minute walk to the lake.

Kids at heart.

Yummy Lunch! grilled bbq.

With the boys. Paolo (top left). Master Edwin (top right). Bitchy Boi Jeff (bottom).

The Cuties. Left: Moy with Mum Ren. Right: Jiggs and Tita Lui.

All Girls Only.

At the other side is Yambu Lake.

The Coconutnut is a giant nut...

Swimming in the warm water of the lake!

Family Portrait-like. =D
From left:  Kuyang Sutil, Ang Ampon, Ang Ateng Ambisyosa. C Bunsoy. Mama. Papa. Ang Grade Schooler. Ang Black Sheep ng pamilya. At ang Autistic.  

More outings like this in the future! Thank you Pao & wife Beth for letting us in to your mansion once again. Jepang and Kishy for the ride. Jhellai for the photos. Jiggs and Moi for the entertainment. And everybody else for the happy moment! Miss y'all... 

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