Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Boxing Experience

Manny Pacquiao is our very own pound-for-pound king. Over the course of this icon's brilliant career, he has earned the respect and admiration of the people around the globe. He paved his way to each and every Filipino's heart, even hailing him as our nation's "Pambansang Kamao".

Most of us would admire his fighting skills inside the boxing ring and how he entertains us in his every fight. He has the combination of speed, power and charisma like no other.

What I admire about him the most is the discipline he instill to his self in every training that he do. He makes boxing looks like a "Piece-of-Cake"! Aside from watching the main fight, its also interesting to watch the documentary films featuring his training and other activities days before the big day.

Looking for a new experience, Pawpaw, Lia, Gianne and I, called Elorde Boxing Gym to inquire about the rates and requirements. On Monday, 4th of October, we wrapped our hands with boxing hand wraps to get a very small piece of Pacman's cake. =P

(PHOTOS: Boxing Session Pictures)

We find the place scary at first because men are dominant in numbers and they seem to stare at us, but we calmed ourselves as we register. Slowly we realized...Its a boxing gym! its normal to find men in a place like this! hehe...

A trainer was assigned to each one of us but before we begin our basic training we did a 20-round jogging and some stretching to warm up our muscles. Then, here it goes...footwork(forward, backward, side by side and some circling around), defense and offense positions and the punches (jab, straight, right hook, upper cut). I put on the boxing gloves and punched my sparring partner as hard and as fast as I can. Its pretty tiring and I can feel my muscles complaining, I want to give up but my trainer was so persistent, he keeps on telling me to punch harder and faster. ARGH!!!

We also had some series of exercises in between the sparring activity, jumping rope(which I am not good at), punching the heavy bag, double end bag and the speed bag which requires timing and rhythm. The speed bag is the most difficult to learn, I envy those guys and girls in the gym doing it as easy as it looks. Maybe 2 to 3 more sessions to master it! =)

BODY MASSAGE!!! was the best thing about the session, it made our muscles relax after the training. As I've been thinking, Pacman's passion and dedication to the sport is undeniably super! Going through a lot of extremely intense training requires a very high self-confidence, discipline, healthy lifestyle, positive attitude and tough mind. Well, hope I can earn more of these after several sessions!

PACMAN will fight against Antonio Margarito on November!!! The defending champion will once again show us why he is the Pound for Pound King! =D

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