Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Remembering Boracay

Boracay Island
November 16-19, 2006

Four years ago, we had our much deserved break after a year-long implementation job at the office. It is my first long vacation outside Luzon during my stay in MSi. November is the beginning of Peak season in this romantic paradise and its a very good timing coz we had a very nice weather and the beach was free from any seaweeds and was not crowded.

The group arrived in Caticlan Airport via Cebu Pacific Airbus (from left: Jo, Gi, Karen, Me, Dennis, Francis, errr forgot his name, harold, stew and FanFan)

Ginebra Kings Team of PBA were also in the old domestic airport for their game in Palawan. Here I'm with Erik Menk.

Philippine Basketball legend Mr Samboy Lim

Our hotel: the Boracay Regency, one of the most prestigious hotels in the island.

The hotel's pool...

and its mini bar.

It's also my first time to drink and I got really, really drunk. Needed to throw up and wash my face before I got back to my senses. I was too dizzy to walk straight but it was fun drinking with these guys... hehe...

Boracay's fire dance: one of the various events you may enjoy at night time.

We had a noodle party(Korean spicy noodles that is! t'was so hot, it burnt my lips and tongue! hoo!) along the shore on the first night, just enjoying the white, powdery sand and clear sky.

The creative sand castle

Row, row, row your boat...for island hopping

The view from our bangka

Welcome to crystal cove! Glad we made it safe. The sea was not calm at all. We feared the waves might flip our little boat over, fortunately it didn't! Yeba!

A picturesque background

Made of stones.

Snorkeling along with our guys.

A Porcupine fish just caught by a fisherman.

Gearing up for Jetski

Hold on tight Fanfan. This will be one heck of a ride!

The banana boat before being flipped over.

Ahhh... I miss this sight of serenity.

Inside the cave. The tide was high and the waves were smashing furiously to the cave's wall that's why were not able to swim. Sad!

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