Friday, April 29, 2011

Company Summer Event

Company team building / sportsfest is one of the most anticipated events each year. This kind of company event is one of the few things I cherish in what I've considered my second family all these years.

Sportsfest 2004. Marikina Sports Complex. 
My ever first with the company and a little bit sick that day. Uhm an excuse?! hihi..
My Team. I have a crush on one of them =)

Morning Exercise. Getting ready for the physical activities.

Coy. Lighting the torch.

Apple relay. We're ahead. Go, go, go!

Limbo Rock. Lecs vs Cristy vs Karen. Guess who won!

The most memorable part... Oopsss... Somebody's down people! C'mon first aid! Oh wait, Is that... ME?!

My Team. On our victory party at Gerry'sGrill.

Sportsfest 2006. Marikina Sports Complex..
This time we have activities done on the pool and somethin' outrageous happened. Uh-oh.
Lighting of Torch. By Karen, the Athlete of the Year.

My Team: Attic Cats' Muse. Rose pulled it off with a bang! MI-YAW!

Waterball Relay.

And my misfortune continues. I fell down the slippery stairs infront of everybody! Poor little me. =(

Sportsfest 2007. Southwoods, Cavite. 
Glad it wasn't held in Marikina Sports Complex anymore. I've been cursed in that place hehe...
Losers! hehehe...

Ei you're just supposed to get ur own color. CHEATERS!

Monkeys on the loose.

Paintball. I got bruised on my right arm. OUCH!

The whole Team with our President! Go find me. =P

Sportsfest 2008. Ecopark. 
I'm with my new Team. My old team will definitely miss my leadership! nyaha. =D
Our embarrasing cheerdance.  WOOHOO!

Patrick and Jo-e getting ready for the zipline. I'll gonna miss Jo-e!

Boat ride.

My office BFFs


Blue Egglets. My new team.

How can I leave YOU guys!! hayss...

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