Thursday, April 14, 2011

Team Building Activities

Summer team building is always a blast. The whole team has the chance to travel and relax, and to know each other especially the newbies. The objective of this activity is to actually share a really good time with teammates to strengthen the group's bonding. A chance that we seldom, if not never, have during work days due to conflicting schedules.

I, together with my fellow game facilitators(Jhellai, Joy and Jay), have to come up with fun and exciting games. A series of relays that is! -Sponge Relay, Balls Relay and Bolang Hilong-Hilo Relay- and as a  result, there were lots of memorable moments happened during this activity. How I love the sounds of laughter!

During the night, after gulping the served seafood dishes, the team gathered for the initiation rights of newbies and the serious part - the open forum.

As a tradition, each newbie will present their inner talents, and they didn't disappoint us seniors. Everybody giggles while watching them doing their unbelievable "stunts". We'll, it's their only chance to shine!

On the next morning, we geared up for snorkeling and underwater picture-taking. Riding a bamboo raft, off we go to the snorkeling site.

The place is serene and not-so crowded, maybe because it isn't well-developed yet. The only challenge that we encounter is the Toilet and Shower Room. But over-all, it's great having to spend our team building in this tiny island of Magalawa. =)

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