Thursday, August 6, 2009

Poetry: "bestfriend"

Once I wished for someone to come,
someone who could be with me in this world
Someone who could teach me how to spread my wings,
And fly high like a bird.

Not for so long GOD granted my wish,
Im glad I’ve caught the most beautiful fish.
HE answered my prayers, it was you,
I jumped for so much joy like a kangaroo.

I promised HIM that when you’ll get sick, I’ll be your doc,
You’ll be my master, I’ll be your loyal dog;
And whenever you need me, I’ll be coming to see yah,
I’ll run fast, faster than a cheetah.

Having "YOU is the greatest thing, that’s true,
Its like having all amazing animals in one zoo,
AND if one day I’ll lose your touch so mild
It will be tough for ME, i will cry like a child.

But if sooner or later i have to leave,
Don't cry coz i won't be gone
We will meet again, i promise,
This, I want you to always remember.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Random Thoughts: "Emo = Love" $ =)

when sum1 comes into r lyvs n taught us hw to luv, how to hold on and how to give sumthin more out of doesnt mean they're the ones meant for us...

maybe....just maybe, they came with one sole teach us and let us learn not just to believe in luv but to luv purely without expecting any return from our investments. however, they dont tend to teach us everything...when they say goodbye...they leave us sumthin that only us could teach to let go and how to accept fear and the most painful truth...the reality of breaking up.
healing a broken heart seems to be easy but it isnt just a logical takes time to heal a wound... and we all know that acceptance is one of the hardest thing to learn. a study says that it is atleast a year before u could actually get over the agonizing pain...but sometimes it depends on 1) how deep the broken relationship is... 2) how you handle the situation after the break-up... 3) the way you think of the past and future...and 4) how willing r u in letting go of it.

for atleast a year...u'll be in a world of confusion, depression, feeling of emptiness...
for atleast a year...u'll be in darkness...blinded by selfishness, anxieties, anger and jealousy. cupid is tricky, so if you dont know the rules and mechanics of his game...u will definitely end up a loser.

well agony, loneliness and sorrow, self-pity and doubt will comfort you in your countless sleepless nights. it
sympathizes you in every tear u shed... it tests the limitation of your whole being. this is just a"theory", by the way, to those who were fortunate enough NOT to be in such situation but a FACT to those who had acknowledged the pain.

on the positive side, however...this heartache could make an individual more mature...emotionally, mentally and even one point, you thank those people who had become part of u...for they had given you the opportunity to see the things which makes "LOVE" more lovable and interesting.

while ur in the process of healing, it might make you weak... might make u give
up...might make u lose ur hopes, faith and sanity...but once u overcome your fear of losing sumthin or sum1 makes you a better gives u strength to stand on ur own... with this, heart and mind will be healthier and more understanding. time though, isnt the one that heals the wound, it is love who really does the healing. although most wounds leave deep scars that could haunt us anytime, it always leave us a meaningful memory that we could reflect and pass on...

love indeed is one magical thing. we can't actually say that we knew love until we felt it, not until we experienced it. there will be no such thing as "great love story" if we don't take the risk of getting hurt and wounded, if we never learned how to sacrifice our own happiness and suffer from the torturing pain of hopelessness. no one really is an "expert" when it comes to love. coz love has no pattern, no definite time, no scientific formula nor equations. no matter how many relationships you've been into, no matter how much experiences uv one could perfect one affair.

when we just open our minds, stop whining about our misfortunes, fears and "only ifs"... and start believing in
falling in love again...we will always see life as a world of true and everlasting happiness. and so, when some1 comes...dont hold on too tight...learn from ur mistakes... apply what you've and communicate. it all depends on both of you. and if it still doesn't work out the way you want it to after how many tries then... maybe u have not yet learned ur lesson...

dont push yourself too hard, just love freely
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