Monday, June 23, 2014

Weekend Getaway: Baler's Summer

Welcome to Baler, the provincial capital of Aurora, which is one of the top surfing spots of the Philippines! 

Before the summer ends, my friends and I went off the road and enjoy the scorching heat of summer at this awesome place.

May the following photos convince you to go see and experience Baler!

A view of the town from one of the viewing decks of Ermita Hill.

Replica of survivors that symbolizes the (only) 7 families who had survived the tsunami (or also known as the "Tromba Marina") that struck the small town in 1735.

Digisit falls

Low tide in Digisit Beach

The largest Balete tree in Asia. It takes about 60 people with outstretched arms to encircle this massive and towering tree. We were told of strange and frightening stories about these kind of trees when we were young so, when the guide told us to go inside, I was a bit hesitant. But we went in anyway, and I'm glad we did! 

Our guide climbed up to take a photo of us, he's really good at taking fun shots. That's one thing I learned from this guy, how to use the panorama from my phone and point-and-shoot camera. hehe..

At the end of a 30-minute green-ish trek is a beautiful waterfall called Ditumabo or also known as the Mother falls. Plunge into its cold but refreshing water and bring out your waterproof camera for fun shots under.

Enjoy walking along Sabang's long shoreline and fine sand

Learn surfing with the expert local surfers. The best time to catch big waves is between September to February. 

Don't forget to buy pasalubong...

and take a picture of the scenic views

along the way.

Due to time constraints, we're not able to see the other must-sees or try their local food which gives us the excuse of coming back some other time =D

By the way, when going to Baler it is recommended to plan ahead and ask for  right directions instead of relying only to GPS or google maps. You may end up driving along the unfinished bumpy-dark-rough road at the edge of the mountains. Be safe and enjoy! =)

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Island-Hopping Zambales

April 12-13, 2014

Summer isn't complete without throwing yourself into the beach! So, let's hit the road...

Good thing, one of our colleagues, invited us in his home, accommodation and food is free! =)

San Antonio, Pundaquit Bridge

 A simple stone-balancing art(?) at Camara Island

The mandatory group jumpshot at Capones Island 

Other tourists 

 Enjoying the black sand at Anawangin Cove's long shore

Calm waters is calming... =) 

The Simple Life: Just waiting for the sun to set beautifully.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

2014 Early Vacation: HK - Macau

Hong Kong and Macau
January 18-21, 2014

I just got back from a month-long vacation but this escapade was already planned out prior so, I just mustered all my courage to ask another permission from my boss and luckily, my filed leaves were approved! Ahhh, my workmates were pretty much jealous. Hah!

Most of my friends I'm with in this vacation, travels outside the country for the first time and I'm happy to be part of their memorable experience!

HONG KONG. We stayed at Regal Kowloon Hotel and the rooms were pretty much spacious and good enough to accommodate us. Our itinerary was a bit hectic so, we just settled in for a while and went out as soon as we get some breather to begin our DIY tour =D

Around the City: Walk around the city for shops, restaurants, and food stores. You may find jewelry stores and money exchange shops along the road.

Avenue of the Stars: Stroll along the Avenue of the stars or just sit on one of the benches and relax while enjoying Victoria Harbour.

Madam Tussauds: Boy, they look REAL!!! there's a fee for a picture-taking with their famous star, Jackie Chan tho'.

Ngong Ping 360: You may choose between a standard or crystal view (like that of a glass-bottom boat) cable car. It will take several minutes to get there and must take about a hundred steps to reach the Buddha.

Disneyland: Who doesn't enjoy Mickey and Friends?! Everybody loves this theme park and one should meet the famous mouse in their lifetime. We will definitely come back and stay longer for rides and shows!

MACAU. The main reason why people visit this city is to gamble, with Casinos everywhere. This is also why it's called "the Las Vegas of Asia". But also, there are some tourist spots that people go to like the St. Paul Church ruins and the Grand Canal inside Venetian Hotel. To cross and reach Macau from HK, one should take a TurboJet ferry in an hour and a half ride. Bring a plastic bag if you have motion sickness! =P

St Paul ruins:


The Grand Canal:

Happy Birthday FanFan =D Thank you for the Portuguese-Macanese cuisine treat!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Across the Globe: Reminiscin' the Texan Experience

I'm back to my beloved country! =) 

Back to work, to commuting, to breathing polluted air, and to slow internet connection.

Arghhh! these were basically the things I didn't miss a bit while in the States. 

A month is not enough for a grand vacay and my mind still is lazy to think about work! Still dreaming of a systematic and more efficient transportation system in Metro Manila just like in America. Hmm... will it ever happen?! I'm not losing hope!

We've been to almost everywhere in Texas, it is just too bad we're not able to see the 5-hour drive city of Dallas. But it's ok, there would definitely be a next time =D

Here are some of the places I've been and things I've experienced. Hope I will be able to blog about each of the city soon.

SAN ANTONIO. I was able to watch a Spurs game against Hawks at AT&T arena. The Spurs win!

Went up the Tower of the Americas to have a 360 view of downtown.

Visit the River Walk for a cruise. 

Fought my claustrophobia for a deep cave exploration down the Natural Bridge Cavern . 

Got amazed by the stories behind the walls of The Alamo. 

Went to see a Shamu and experience a bit of snow at Seaworld. 

My Aunts took me to North Star Mall, Ingram Mall, and at La Cantera for a shopping spree. Went grocery and chocolate hoarding at Walmart, HEB, Sam's Club, and Costco. Went dining at Buffets, at Chinese, American, Italian, and Mexican restaurants. Went bowling, kart racing, car washing, and jogging at the park. Went to watch Frozen and Thor 2 at movie house with my cousin, and see a Musical at the Dinner Theater. 

Went to visit Churches to pray for our dear ones too...
(St. Mary's, St. Brigid, San Fernando Church, Guadalupe Grotto)

OTHER PLACES. A friend tagged me as "the explorer" while in the States because my facebook was updated with travel photos.  Well, I was able to see wonderful places! Isn't it something you would love sharing with your family and friends?

NASA Space Center in Houston (and by the way, there's a Jollibee fastfood chain opened just recently at downtown area). 

Downtown Austin and The State Capitol

The Shopping Outlets of San Marcos.

The small German town of Fredericksburg where I experienced Ice skating for the first time and where I learned that Germans were actually the ones who first introduced the Christmas tree to the United States.

I also miss Buc-ees! The famous stop-over store for travelers.

But most of all, I was able to spend quality times with my dear Titas and Titos and cousins and experience Christmas with them. =). I miss them dearly and every moment spent with them was precious and memorable, even Lilly and Gem (pet dogs) made my stay worthwhile and fun! =)

I wish I could stay a bit longer...

Next time...

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