Thursday, March 28, 2013

2013 Family Gathering

Family Get-Together
March 09-27, 2013

Years had passed once again, the Cabalos returned home from Texas for our once in a blue-moon reunion. 4 long years since I saw my nephews, nieces, uncles, aunts and cousins altogether. It's the perfect chance to meet the new members of the clan. Such a great time to catch up with our closely knit, extended family. My vacation leave is all worth it!

Mom's our host in this event and she introduces each family to everyone. My sister's the game master as usual, we shared spontaneous laughter on games. 

Ty taught us how to play beer pong, and he got drunk! =D don't underestimate the kids! =) My nieces then rendered a special damce performance while we indulge ourselves to a sumptuous buffet lunch. The Tiki bar's special halo halo is also a best-seller. :D

I prepared some nachos as requested for our drinking session and disco night! =)

It's hot, but we do not want to get sun burns, so we decided to take a night swimming at a nearby resort instead. The kids loved the waterproof cam! =) 

On one humid afternoon, we just got bored... went out, stroll around the farm... played volleyball and ate halo-halo. We had our movie night on projector! yay! while munching on the spaghetti prepared by sis. Such an American delight! hah! =D

On their last day, we kidnapped Ty and took him for a night out in Eastwood City. We met up with my brother who brought in Ty @ Eden Club later on. 

Boodle fight is served at Seafood Island, we hopped in to Agave bar for some shots and we just let him have some fun with my brother. 

We may say goodbye once again but we will see each other in no time, Boracay in 3 years cousin! =) Bring with you all our memories. See you all again!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Run United 2013: 1st Leg

Run United Trilogy
MOA Grounds
March 17, 2013

We intend to register to this year's Run United Trilogy. And so, we began our chronicles, running through the first leg. This would also be our first event after the long holidays. I feel so heavy with all the fats I gained but so excited to get into running again!

Carbo loading at Banana Leaf, Robinson's Mall.

Stayed at Lotus Garden Manila. Creepy it is!

Finished 10K at 1:14:02. Just 52 sec better than my Nike Chip Time.
Need to practice and push myself more! =)

PBA Legends Ronnie Magsanoc, Benjie Paras and Alvin Patrimonio
entertaining the fans at Alaxan booth.

The finishers just chillin' before going home. =)

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Random Thoughts: Dorm girls meet again!

Resorts World Manila
March 2, 2013

I lived in a dorm for 2 years when I was in college. There were lots of memories in that tiny space. My first new circle of friends out of high school was formed in there but ever since we graduated, we only get updates on each other through social media.

Last Saturday, March 2, we finally had the chance to see each other again! The youngest among us, whom we call Princess, flew to Manila from Davao. There's just about 3hrs to hug, rekindle the wacky moments, and catch up with one another as Princess is flying to France for a business meeting later that night. 

We never thought she will come this far, she's rebellious and a spoiled brat in High School. Now, she's pretty good in her career, earned her parents' respect and they even entrusted their food business to her. We're just so proud of this young lady. =) 

Generosity is one of her genuine characteristics. Even during our dorm days, she never fail to feed our hungry tummies, especially when she's depressed. =P

Back on Saturday, our dinner was again on her! She already had ordered Chef's Salad for appetizer when we arrived, so they just let me order the rest... hmmm... okay... New Orleans Famous Baby Back Ribs, Grilled Chicken and Mushroom Truffle Alfredo and Black Angus US Tenderloin that goes with bottomless Iced Tea and Lemonade. For dessert we took Red Velvet and Tres Leches Cake.

Thank you Princess for the treat and of course, for extending help to baboink =)

Great bonding night. Great food. Great friends! =D Yes, we can do this again next time girls! See you =)

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