Thursday, September 30, 2010

PS&MIS Survival Challenge

MSI PS&MIS 2nd Teambuilding
September 24-26, 2010
Mt Pico De Loro, Cavite

The food committee

We never thought we will be the "rescuers" =)

The group decided to have a more challenging activity for our 2nd teambuilding this year and so we picked day hiking at Cavite's famous mountain, Mt. Pico de Loro.

It's a sunshiny Saturday morning, a perfect day for a day hike. Headcount is 23 but only Chur-Chur and I have a mountain climbing experience, the rest of the group were all first timers.

Just arrived @ Ranrich Resort

The newbie's chore: wash the dishes!

Since Chur-chur has a friend who's a high ranking Marine, we had four marine soldiers to escort us on our climb.

Rewind on Thursday...Since we're not able to have a pre-climb meeting, I just sent guidelines and reminders to the team, stating the do's and the don'ts of trekking, as well as reminders on what are the important things to bring. Trail food and water are essential. But come Saturday, most of them just brought 500ml of water and didn't bring trail food at all. Fortunately, the food committee bought jelly aces, chocolates and nutri bars which I have distributed before we start hiking.

It took us, more or less, 4hrs to reach the summit. Since, there were no ziplocks or sealed plastic bags to pack our meals, we only took sandwiches for lunch and after 30minutes of rest, we all climbed up to the summit.


Take 5!

Another break!

Peeking at the Peak!

The Summit!
The Team finally reached the Peak! Yeba!

We are two groups, the first group, in which chur-chur has a friend we're experienced trekkers. They insisted not to go back to the trail we came from but rather take a shorter trail at the other side of the mountain. The Marine's Teamleader, showed the compass and map to the leader of the other group telling him that we should take the same trail instead. But the other group insisted that the trail we're heading is much easier and will just take us 2hrs to reach the base camp.

Off to the other side!

The Bamboo Obstacle along the way...
After a few hours, we ran out of water supplies and we are still deep in the forest. Everybody's already exhausted but since we are running out of time, we need to push ourselves and get out of the mountain before the sun sets.

tired and thirsty!
Almost 2hrs of walking on the muddy trail, Chur-chur left the last group to catch us who were in front. Why, you ask? WE ARE LOST! Paolo, Ehlees and I were following a pair from the other group, thinking that they were trailing behind the 2 Marines. But Chur-chur told us that all of our 4 escorts were at the back, with our group, and way too far behind us. We went to the nearest bahay kubo to ask where we are and asked for water. The residents told us we are at the other side of the mountain and very much away from where we should be heading - Ternate, Cavite. We have crossed the Cavite-Batangas border. We are in Batangas!

Pico De Loro's that far?!

We finally got out of the mountain, we took a minute to freshen up ourselves in a shallow river. We decided not to go back for the team but rather go on and look for the nearest town where we could get a phone signal and seek for help. The sun is setting in an hour and a half. Im already worried about our teammates. They're too exhausted! With no water and food...hmmm...this is what they've asked for...a survival challenge!

They need us. We need to decide and act fast! We need to rescue them before it gets dark. We walked for 2hrs, non-stop. We finally got a signal and was able to reach some of our teammates. We just instructed them to go to the small town of Lo-ok and wait for us. By that time, the sun has already set. They only have 2 little flashlights and cellphone backlights to light up their way.

Gladly, nobody panicked, thanks to the 4 marine soldiers who have assisted the group all throughout. Everybody were all accounted for.

trying to reach the team...
we are lost!!!!

As for the four of us -Chur-chur, Paolo, Ehlees and I- as soon as we got to the town, we rented a tricycle that took us in Nasugbu, Batangas to look for a jeepney. We bought burgers in Jollibee and water. Chur-chur's friend came to help us rescue the team. As we got back to Lo-ok, all of them were sitting at the Brgy Hall, teary-eyed, looking tired and wasted. They got out by 8pm, they walked for 3hrs without light.

We listened to each other's stories and experiences while we travel back to the resort. We just laughed it out. We salute the marines for their efforts and sacrifices just to keep the team safe.
We took a heavy meal by 1 o'clock am. Everybody just went on to bed after washing. The supposed activities for the newbies were cancelled.

The Coronel told us that Batangas was already out of the Marine's Area of Responsibility (AOR) and that it was a very dangerous place because there were rebels in that area.
Thank God for the guidance and protection, we all got out safely.

all-in-one meal @ 1:00 AM
another day!
guys tried the pool before going home...
A dayhike became a 12hr traverse! Now that's pretty challenging! tsk tsk be careful with what you wish for.

On monday, most of us sent an absence advise due to back and body pains, as for us who reported for work, we were like snails, walking so slowly and painfully. haha..

ALL charged to EXPERIENCE!!! =)

Resting for awhile...

Monday, September 20, 2010

Bahay Kubo

Bahay Kubo kahit munti...
(pero pero pero malinis ito pati sa kusina)

"ang sala"

"ang kusina"

"ang lutuan ni inay"

"ang hapag-kainan"

"ang tv area ni inay"

"mga pampaganda ni inay"

"ang magulong kuwarto ni kapatid"

ang halaman doon ay sari-sari...




"ang pagpitas ng bunga ng ampalaya ni itay at ni kapatid"
atsaka meron pang...



pinaghalong kamatis at talong!



KAKAO (ginagawang tsokolate)
matinik na kahoy ng... ???

at halamang pinya!

sa paligid ligid ay maraming... makikita!

mga landscape

nahuling ahas! (green mamba???)

tahanan ng mga manok, pabo at pato...

ang mga nakatira dito!

lagayan ng mga kahoy pang-luto!



mga alagang baboy!

ang paglalaba!

puso ng mangga
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