Friday, April 29, 2011

Company Summer Event

Company team building / sportsfest is one of the most anticipated events each year. This kind of company event is one of the few things I cherish in what I've considered my second family all these years.

Sportsfest 2004. Marikina Sports Complex. 
My ever first with the company and a little bit sick that day. Uhm an excuse?! hihi..
My Team. I have a crush on one of them =)

Morning Exercise. Getting ready for the physical activities.

Coy. Lighting the torch.

Apple relay. We're ahead. Go, go, go!

Limbo Rock. Lecs vs Cristy vs Karen. Guess who won!

The most memorable part... Oopsss... Somebody's down people! C'mon first aid! Oh wait, Is that... ME?!

My Team. On our victory party at Gerry'sGrill.

Sportsfest 2006. Marikina Sports Complex..
This time we have activities done on the pool and somethin' outrageous happened. Uh-oh.
Lighting of Torch. By Karen, the Athlete of the Year.

My Team: Attic Cats' Muse. Rose pulled it off with a bang! MI-YAW!

Waterball Relay.

And my misfortune continues. I fell down the slippery stairs infront of everybody! Poor little me. =(

Sportsfest 2007. Southwoods, Cavite. 
Glad it wasn't held in Marikina Sports Complex anymore. I've been cursed in that place hehe...
Losers! hehehe...

Ei you're just supposed to get ur own color. CHEATERS!

Monkeys on the loose.

Paintball. I got bruised on my right arm. OUCH!

The whole Team with our President! Go find me. =P

Sportsfest 2008. Ecopark. 
I'm with my new Team. My old team will definitely miss my leadership! nyaha. =D
Our embarrasing cheerdance.  WOOHOO!

Patrick and Jo-e getting ready for the zipline. I'll gonna miss Jo-e!

Boat ride.

My office BFFs


Blue Egglets. My new team.

How can I leave YOU guys!! hayss...

Monday, April 18, 2011

Random Thoughts: Bucket List

Last December, instead of listing down my new year's resolution, I ended up with a list of things I wanted to do this year. What I must, want and need. Saving is my priority, traveling is the least.

In between, visiting old friends is one of my goals.

I've already spent some quality time with two of my closest friends in college -Sandy & Iki (April 5 & 16 respectively). It's a wonderful feeling talking with them face to face and staying in their house for a while definitely recalls memories from our Paulinian days. It's been quite some time.

I really missed these ladies and I'll see them again soon as promised.

I'm so happy to have fulfilled a few things in my bucket list. A lot more to go!

Update 1: April 27: Met up Marielen in Eastwood. Even if it's just for a couple of minutes, Im happy to see her again =) 'coz the last time was way back 2003 when they came over to my house  to surprise me on my birthday. Sweetness!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Team Building Activities

Summer team building is always a blast. The whole team has the chance to travel and relax, and to know each other especially the newbies. The objective of this activity is to actually share a really good time with teammates to strengthen the group's bonding. A chance that we seldom, if not never, have during work days due to conflicting schedules.

I, together with my fellow game facilitators(Jhellai, Joy and Jay), have to come up with fun and exciting games. A series of relays that is! -Sponge Relay, Balls Relay and Bolang Hilong-Hilo Relay- and as a  result, there were lots of memorable moments happened during this activity. How I love the sounds of laughter!

During the night, after gulping the served seafood dishes, the team gathered for the initiation rights of newbies and the serious part - the open forum.

As a tradition, each newbie will present their inner talents, and they didn't disappoint us seniors. Everybody giggles while watching them doing their unbelievable "stunts". We'll, it's their only chance to shine!

On the next morning, we geared up for snorkeling and underwater picture-taking. Riding a bamboo raft, off we go to the snorkeling site.

The place is serene and not-so crowded, maybe because it isn't well-developed yet. The only challenge that we encounter is the Toilet and Shower Room. But over-all, it's great having to spend our team building in this tiny island of Magalawa. =)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Poetry: A fairy tale of my own...

By the time I woke up, I started dreaming…hoping that somehow I could be in love.
Trying to figure out where I can find a romantic man that deserves my love.

When our paths crossed in between our journey, I asked myself…'is he? Or is he not?'
'Is he worthy of what I could offer? With him, should I tie the knot?'

My vision of walking down the aisle, dressed in a white bridal gown.
As my groom waiting at the altar, smiling…
Excitement ran through my nerves as we exchange vows.

What a wonderful feeling it is to fall in love
Is it destiny who took us there…?
But when we have fallen out of love
Does destiny even seems to care?

In reality, in love affairs I doubt.
I lack confidence, courage I don’t have.
Love, what is it all about?
I wished for someone but I didn’t believe in love.

Most people may not apprehend what I wanted to share.
For awhile I’ve been hurt, I’ve been in so much pain
I forgot how to live, just laid down in a bed of tears.
Looking back, I realized I’ve been selfish, afraid of being heartbroken yet again.

I waited, you came running and passed me by
You sort of stopped and walked with me for awhile
For that moment I forgot about bitterness and anguish
In quite a long time, my heart had a sincere smile.

You’ve brought knowledge, vital lessons I should have learned.
At some point, I have noticed, you’ve become my mirror.
Little did you know, my self I saw in you
As I looked again, I hated what I see, but this is what’s true!

I kept you near and held your hand, but I didn’t kept you from running,
You ran so fast that at my last glance of you, you’ve been so far away
I tried to keep the distance as close as I can
I tried to keep phase, ‘Till I have given up, stopped to catch my breath and began to pray.

The fact that we’re not meant for each other, I took for granted. Tears started falling again.
What I didn’t expect is that a better man came, lifted me up as he gently held my hand.
With his charming eyes glittering, he spread his wings as he took me somewhere.
Love have blossomed once again. With him I saw places I have never been.

Paradise it is, having him at my side.
If this is love, I would love to be in it forever.
Heartaches and sorrows worth it, what a joy ride!!!

It is magic how it turned me into somebody,
Who could give and risk, just to love freely
How the starlight guided my way to see where I can be happy.
Happiness that would not end, it is for eternity.

Fairy tales do come true in times that you ignore them.
Be your own princess, hope for true love and dream.
You are the princess of your own fantasy.
Prince Charming is just out there…in the magical world of reality.

-written years ago =)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Summer Fun Shots

Let's Click It On!

"Tree Monkeys"
Photo Credit: Jhellai

Photo Credit: Jhellai

"The athlete on the beach"
Photo Credit: Jhellai

"Bamboo Surfer"
Photo Credit: Jhellai

Photo Credit: Jhellai

"Tree Model"
Photo Credit: Bugz

Photo Credit: Jhellai

Weekend Getaway: Magalawa Island

PS&MIS Team Summer Escapade 2011
April 09 to 10
Magalawa Island

Palauig, Zambales

Green  Leaves' cheer dance

Blue Waves' cheer dance

The Winner:  Red Starfish

Sponge Relay..

Game Facilitators

Game in Action!

Balls Relay

The Best Moments of the Game!

High-flying dunk!


Night Activity

Under the sea...

Golden Boy

Message Wall

Mr President's 50th Birthday.
Surprise Presentation
6th April 2011

@ 7:30 call time
While waiting....
The Flash Mob Danz
Blowing of Cup Cakes...
Sir JDG's lunch treat!
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