Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Poetry: A fairy tale of my own...

By the time I woke up, I started dreaming…hoping that somehow I could be in love.
Trying to figure out where I can find a romantic man that deserves my love.

When our paths crossed in between our journey, I asked myself…'is he? Or is he not?'
'Is he worthy of what I could offer? With him, should I tie the knot?'

My vision of walking down the aisle, dressed in a white bridal gown.
As my groom waiting at the altar, smiling…
Excitement ran through my nerves as we exchange vows.

What a wonderful feeling it is to fall in love
Is it destiny who took us there…?
But when we have fallen out of love
Does destiny even seems to care?

In reality, in love affairs I doubt.
I lack confidence, courage I don’t have.
Love, what is it all about?
I wished for someone but I didn’t believe in love.

Most people may not apprehend what I wanted to share.
For awhile I’ve been hurt, I’ve been in so much pain
I forgot how to live, just laid down in a bed of tears.
Looking back, I realized I’ve been selfish, afraid of being heartbroken yet again.

I waited, you came running and passed me by
You sort of stopped and walked with me for awhile
For that moment I forgot about bitterness and anguish
In quite a long time, my heart had a sincere smile.

You’ve brought knowledge, vital lessons I should have learned.
At some point, I have noticed, you’ve become my mirror.
Little did you know, my self I saw in you
As I looked again, I hated what I see, but this is what’s true!

I kept you near and held your hand, but I didn’t kept you from running,
You ran so fast that at my last glance of you, you’ve been so far away
I tried to keep the distance as close as I can
I tried to keep phase, ‘Till I have given up, stopped to catch my breath and began to pray.

The fact that we’re not meant for each other, I took for granted. Tears started falling again.
What I didn’t expect is that a better man came, lifted me up as he gently held my hand.
With his charming eyes glittering, he spread his wings as he took me somewhere.
Love have blossomed once again. With him I saw places I have never been.

Paradise it is, having him at my side.
If this is love, I would love to be in it forever.
Heartaches and sorrows worth it, what a joy ride!!!

It is magic how it turned me into somebody,
Who could give and risk, just to love freely
How the starlight guided my way to see where I can be happy.
Happiness that would not end, it is for eternity.

Fairy tales do come true in times that you ignore them.
Be your own princess, hope for true love and dream.
You are the princess of your own fantasy.
Prince Charming is just out there…in the magical world of reality.

-written years ago =)

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