Friday, November 27, 2009

Annual Year-end Party

December 30th
Barrio Evangelista
"Looking back at the first 3 years of this event, makes me feel the spirit of Christmas...every time."

From late afternoon of 29th to early morning of 30th, we prepare everything & pack the goodies for prizes and lootbags.

By 3pm of 30th, we start the Registration

After the registration, each kid lines up for Mommy Santa's Ice Cream and lootbag!
2006: From our family's annual "mini christmas-giving party", we have thought of giving a bigger party for kids before the year ends. It is one way of thanking God for all the blessings that we have received all throughout the year.
2007: Last year's party was so successful kids were asking non-stop if there will be another one this year. We have decided to do it again, the 50 kids from 2006 were doubled! 2008: The number of kids participated reached 200! Im glad there's Mum, who tirelessly cooked and served these kids with her delicious snacks.

It feels so good to see those smiles each time they play games, especially when they win prizes. Its a great moment to end a wonderful year. We look forward to do it again next year and we plan to do it better! =)
This is also a good chance to bond with our cousins and pamangkins!
This year, 2009, we are expecting a bigger number and we are now preparing a lot of games, planning for snack menu, budgeting for exciting prizes and looking for people with kind hearts! =P

We would like to thank all those who have donated especially to my MSI friends! Thank you for being a big part of these events. Hope you will continue supporting our cause.. =)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Poetry: Love Thy Mother

"God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers." - Jewish Proverb

9 months of waiting...
to have a baby onboard our world.
For 9 months -
Mum has carried each one of us inside her womb.

From the very first day that a Mother have known
until her unborn child was born.
From her baby's first smile,
until her child have grown.
From childhood to adulthood,
until she had to leave the world...

Her love is unconditional,
She protects us from harm and ready to fight anybody.
She becomes an instant doctor,
when we're sick, broken-hearted and even when we're losing our sanity.
She forgets all our mistakes and forgives easily,
and lists down all our achievements in her diary.

She enlighten us with her best advices,
listens to our sentiments even our weirdest story,
She's our greatest teacher,
teaching us lessons we need for our own journey.

She can just do eveything,
because we are the most important part of her life.
She doesn't ask for anything,
when we tend to forget them, they just smile but discreetly, they cry.

Love your parents, love your Mother.
God gave us them, they deserve our respect and love and care especially when they get older.

To all Mums out there, we salute your courage and patience in raising brats like us. To all soon-to-be-mums, just enjoy the ride!


Friday, November 13, 2009

Timex Run 2009!

November 15, 2009
"Time is Running..."

We're ready to run alongside Papa P and other celebrities!My Buddies -Dudeth, Mace, Gel, Gi- and I registered at the 5km Category. Assembly time is 5:20AM. Hope we could win Timex watches or Nike items during the raffle draw! There are 5,000 people, in all ages, who will participate in this event... Ready, Set, GO!

RACE DAY. At 5am, we're all set. We left our bags at the baggage counter, put our race chips and race bibs on and began stretching.
...Gun Shot for 5km starts at exactly 5:50AM, ready to go!

We didn't win any of the raffle prizes but we did have a consolation prize in seeing Piolo and Coach Rio up close. Some of the celebrities we've encountered were: Ricky Davao, Eric Fructuoso, Maricar Reyes (I wasn't able to see her), Maricel Laxa (whose mum is the oldest participant at age 86), Jan Marini and husband Gerard Pizzaras and Ms Tessa Prieto (whose passion isn't just fashion but also running! she joined the 21km category).

An airconditioned tent that could accommodate a hundred or more people (an exclusive event for registered runners only) was set up for the LIVE telecast of Paquiao-Cotto Firepower Fight which costs at only Php500 per person. This includes buffet breakfast and lunch.

After the run, we claimed our finisher's lootbags and free items from Men's/Women's Health Magazine / Nescafe and Sports Drinks. We also posed for PhotoVendo and got our free copy!
We had a less exhausting run and a better finish time compared to our 1st two Runs in Mizuno 10km and Draw the Line Race 5km. We're planning to run again at Del Monte's Dare to be Fit n' Right Fun Run on November 22 @ SM Mall of Asia. You may also check this link for complete details.

See you there!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Weekend Getaway: Mt Pico De Loro

November 7-8, 2009
"Reaching your goal is just like climbing a mountain. Once you reach the top, its pretty much satisfying."
November 7, 4:30 to 5:30 AM - Assembly Time @ Jollibee Farmers, Cubao. By 10 AM we reached Ternate Cavite. We stopped by to buy food for lunch and dinner.

MSI Peepz - RG,Lui,Det,Khar,Jim,Sheila,Phibz,Jayson and Kelvz

12 NN after a quick lunch and rest from base camp, we began our trek. From easy to difficult trail, we went higher and deeper into the forest. Unlike Mt Pundaquit, Pico de Loro's trail, my second climb by the way, is a little bit friendlier, with rocks and trees you can grab and rely on.
Finally, by 4:30 PM, after the exhausting climb, we've reached the campsite, a 20-minute away location from the mountain peak. We set up our tents and enjoyed the view. It's windy and the breeze of the air was so cool and fresh!

We're glad the sky was so clear, its perfect for star gazing during the night. After dinner we had a little socializing activity with our group and other mountaineers, then by midnight, its lights off.

Rise and Shine people...let's enjoy the Sunrise!
After Breakfast we began climbing the Peak!

Here's how we got there:

November 8, the weather was great (except for the strong wind) By 8:30 AM we reached the summit.

The 360 degree breathtaking scenery from the top was worth the climb! The beauty of nature was priceless and the only thing you can say is WOW!

One thing i wasnt able to do up there though, is to climb the isolated rock, my knees were already shaky that time, maybe because my bones lack calcium or maybe its just fear... anyway im satisfied where i already am and besides my friends reached it for me. Im happy for them! really! =P

To non-climbers, you may wonder how they got there. Yeah, it is very difficult but it is Possible! you just have to take the risk but of course you still have to be very careful because mistake is not an option.

Firstly : You have to go down from the peak.
Secondly : Walk around the cliff

Thirdly : Climb up using a rope and assistance from Sir Mike =)
Lastly : Climb some more with bare hands til you get to the top!

Before going back down to jump off, we treat ourselves by enjoying the falls. The water was refreshing!

Sir Toto : Founder of Lakbay Mountaineering Group

Mommy Su : Mountaineers' Iron Mum! =)

I lose some fats (which is a very good thing), gained new friends, bonded with my weird officemates, hehe, and most especially, spent time with mother nature!

Thanks again everybody for this wonderful climb! We missed Gianne, Mace and Angel in this climb. Well, There is always be a Next time! =) RG organize the fun climb ha! =P

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