Thursday, September 6, 2012

Random Thoughts: The Old Times

Last weekend, I went over my old, dusty card box. Opened and re-read each one. I'm a teenager all over again! 

For old times' sake, I took a moment to ponder the things I missed from the past:

I miss the times when the best way to write a letter is through handwriting especially when it is a confession of love. It may be the simplest but is the most endearing way to let one know what your heart truly desire. 

There's no delete, backspace, google help, spell-check and grammar-correction which makes it more challenging especially when you have a bad handwriting and jumbled thought. No instant help so you apparently need to have a whole lot of scratch papers beside you while deeply thinking about what you want to write. 

But as a result, we compose letters with words that comes only from the bottom of our hearts. No highfalutin words just sincere, honest ones.

I also miss the times when the most thoughtful way to greet someone from afar is to send a card. We set aside pennies from our allowances to save enough for a Hallmark greeting card. We find ourselves thrilled when we go to the post office sealing it literally with a kiss after we paste the stamps. But since there's an e-mail or IM or Social Network, "sealed with a kiss" now only becomes an idiomatic expression and post stamps just becomes a collector's item.

The technology is constantly changing and it primarily changes how we communicate. It makes us all connected anytime no matter where we are yet there seems to be something missing in that connection. Hmm... sincerity? thoughtfulness? Maybe.

How about you, what do you miss from yesteryears?

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