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Asian Dramas/Movies

I've been a follower of Asian Dramas/Movies, particularly Korean. On the list below are those I've already seen. I rated them base on how much I want to watch it over and over again. 1 being the lowest, 5 being the highest.

49 Days/Pure Love (2011) - Korean
     Genre: Romance; Episodes: 20; Cast:  Lee Yo-Won / Jo Hyeon-Jae    
     My Rate: 5. Shed a bucket of tears. How I wish it is somehow real to give everybody a chance.
A Love to Kill (2005) - Korean
     Genre: Heavy Drama; Episodes: 16; Cast: Shin Min Ah / Bi
     My Rate: 2. I think the story is too long and I hate the ending.
Angel Eyes (2014) - Korean
     Genre: Drama; Episodes: 16; Cast: Gu Hye Sun / Lee Sang-Yoon
     My Rate: 5. One of my favorite dramas. The leads make a lovely couple and I like its story line.
Big (2011) - Korean
     Genre: Fantasy/Romance; Episodes: 16; Cast:  Lee Min Jung / Gong Yoo    
     My Rate: 4. I like Gong Yoo's character here. It made me think how will it really end.
Boys Over Flowers (2009) - Korean
     Genre: Comedy/Romance; Episodes: 25; Cast:  Koo Hye Sun / Lee Min Ho
     My Rate: 5. Compared to its Taiwanese counterpart Meteor Garden, BOF's cast and scenes are better.
Cinderella's Sister (2010) - Korean
     Genre: Comedy/Romance; Episodes: 20; Cast:  Moon Geun Young / Seo Woo    
     My Rate: 5. I'm always intrigued with Moon's acting but when I saw this drama, I easily become a fan.
City Hunter (2011) - Korean
     Genre: Action/Romance; Episodes: 20; Cast:  Park Min Young / Lee Min Ho    
     My Rate: 5. Oh my! Lee Min Ho is close to perfection. The best city hunter!
Coffee Prince (2007) - Korean
     Genre: Comedy/Romance; Episodes: 17; Cast: Yoon Eun Hye / Choi Han Kyul
     My Rate: 4. Not a fan of this couple, Gong Yoo is a bit tall for Eun Chan. But Eun Hye is handsome!
Dream High (2011) - Korean
     Genre: School/Romance; Episodes: 16; Cast:  Bae Suzy / Kim Soo-hyun    
     My Rate: 5. A story about finding your true identity, following your dreams and friendship. Genius!
     Genre: Drama/Romance; Episodes: 16; Cast: Song Hye Gyo / Song Seung Heon
     My Rate: 3. Just too sad and tragic.
     Genre: Comedy/Romance; Episodes: 16; Cast: Park Shin Hye / Yoon Si-Yoon
      My Rate: 3. Yoon's acting is a little exaggerated I think and only my curiousity to Go Dok-Mi's      dark past made me finish the series but I still love Shin-Hye :)
Full House (2004) - Korean
     Genre: Comedy/Romance; Episodes: 16; Cast: Song Hye Gyo / Bi
     My Rate: 4. Fun to watch and the glass house is interesting.
Great Teacher Onizuka/GTO (1998) - Japanese
     Genre: School/Drama; Episodes: 12; Cast: Sorimachi Takashi 
     My Rate: 4.  The Cool Teacher who truly cares is inspirational, he's a bit violent though.
Gokusen (2002) - Japanese
     Genre: School/Comedy; Episodes: 12; Cast: Yamaguchi Kumiko
     My Rate: 4.  The female counterpart of Onizuka. I think they could make a cool butt-kicking couple.
Hana Kimi (2007) - Japanese
     Genre: School/Romance; Episodes: 12; Cast: Horikita Maki / Oguri Shun
     My Rate: 4. She really looks like a guy. Doing everything just to be with her love!
Hello! Miss (2007) - Korean
     Genre: Comedy/Romance; Episodes: 16; Cast:  Lee Da Hae / Lee Ji Hoon
     My Rate: 2. Watched because of Da Hae but I got bored.
It Started with a Kiss (2005) - Taiwanese
     Genre: Comedy/Romance; Episodes: 20; Cast: Yuan Xiang Qin / Jiang Zhi Shu
     My Rate: 4.  Not bad, its just that the female lead annoys me.
Lover's in Paris (2004) - Korean
     Genre: Romance; Episodes: 20; Cast: Kim Jung Eun / Park Shin Yang
     My Rate: 5. This is the first Korean Drama I watched and was totally hooked up with their love story.
     Genre: Comedy/Romance; Episodes: 16; Cast:  Moon Geun Young / Jang Geun Suk    
     My Rate: 3. I find the story too simple and characters aren't interesting.
Meteor Garden (2001) - Taiwanese
     Genre: Romance; Episodes: 20; Cast: Barbie Hsu / Jerry Yan
     My Rate: 4. My first taste of Asian drama. My Drama Addiction has begun!!!
     Genre: Comedy/Romance; Episodes: 16; Cast:  Yoon Eun Hye / Yun Sang Hyeon    
     My Rate: 3. I like the silly and adorable Eun Hye, not as a bratty one!
My Girl (2005) - Korean
     Genre: Comedy/Romance; Episodes: 16; Cast: Lee Da Hae / Lee Dong Wook
     My Rate: 5. Watched the series 4 times and shared a youtube playlist to friends. That's how I loved it.
 My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (2010) - Korean
     Genre: Comedy/Romance; Episodes: 16; Cast: Shin Min Ah / Lee Seung Ki
     My Rate: 4. I'm going to miss the innocent, bubbly Mi Ho!
Personal Taste (2010) - Korean
     Genre: Comedy/Romance; Episodes: 16; Cast:  Son Ye Jin / Lee Min Ho
     My Rate: 4. The gay Min Ho is cute but I still prefer him being straight :D
Princess Hours/Goong (2006) - Korean
     Genre: Comedy/Romance; Episodes: 24; Cast: Yoon Eun Hye / Joo Ji Hun
     My Rate: 4. There are some boring scenes but mostly charming and cute.
Secret Garden (2010) - Korean
     Genre: Romance; Episodes: 20; Cast:  Ha Ji Won / Hyun Bin    
     My Rate: 5. Found my new favorite couple. Love the magic!
The Heirs (2013) - Korean
     Genre: Comedy/Romance; Episodes: 20; Cast: Park Shin Hye / Lee Min Ho
     My Rate: 5. I love it simply because these two were my favorite Korean stars! Putting them together in one adorable drama is awesome!
To the Beautiful You (2012) - Korean
     Genre: Romance; Episodes: 16; Cast: Choi Seol Ri / Choi Min Ho
     My Rate: 4. "Miracle is another name for Hardwork" - Kang Tae Joon =) 
You who came from the Stars (2013) - Korean
     Genre: Melodrama; Episodes: 21; Cast: Jeon Ji Hyun / Kim Soo Hyun
     My Rate: 5. Superman!
You're Beautiful (2009) - Korean
     Genre: Comedy/Romance; Episodes: 16; Cast:  Park Shin Hye / Jang Geun Suk
     My Rate: 5. I love disguises and Shin Hye gave justice to her Male/Female character.

You can watch or download your favorite Dramas here:

Tidal Wave. Ha Ji Won. My Rate: 3. It's about an earthquake-triggered (meters-high) tsunami. I just watched it because of Ha Ji Won and it's really not a good one but atleast it's better than Sector 7 and Sex is Zero.
A Hard Day. Lee Sun Gyun. My Rate: 3. Crime Film. A detective tries to cover up his crime, eventually learning that it's not really his. His lies f*cked him up, big time!
Blind. Kim Ha-Neul. My Rate: 4. A Crime thriller. The blind woman's dog is the real hero in this movie. She would have been long dead if her dog didn't attack the killer.
Our Town. Oh Man Suk. My Rate: 5. Crime-Mystery. Crazy plot. Crazy twist. Madness all over!
A Million. Shin Min Ah. My Rate: 4. It is a story of hate and revenge. 
Sector 7. Ha Ji Won. My Rate: 3. I hate the sea monster! 
My Sassy Girl. Jeon Ji-Hyeon. My Rate: 5. Fell in-love with the characters and their lovely story.
Windstruck. Jeon Ji-Hyeon. My Rate: 4. Sassy is much better. Male lead is annoying.
10 Promises to my Dog. My Rate: 5. Tears! sniff.. sniff.. =(
4th Period Mystery. My Rate: 3. Unbelievable...
Itaewon Murder Case. My Rate: 4. Jang Geun Suk. Based on a true story.
Baby and Me. Jang Geun Suk. My Rate: 3. Story is too shallow.
My Little Bride. Moon Geun Young. My Rate: 3. There's no chemistry.
Cyrano Agency. Park Shin Hye. My Rate: 3. I find it boring.
Romantic Island. Eugene. My Rate: 3. Just because it features Boracay Island.
Il Mare. Jeon Ji-Hyeon. My Rate: 4. Some of the scenes are better than the american remake.
He was Cool. Song Seung Heon. My Rate: 3. Mean but Cool.
Heartbreak Library. Lee Dong Wook. My Rate: 3. Sad story.
My Mighty Princess. Shin Min Ah. My Rate: 3. Fantasy and Min-Ah is adorable.
Daddy Long Legs. Ha Ji Won. My Rate: 4. Beginning is boring but loved the rest!
Sex is Zero. Ha Ji Won. My Rate: 3. I hate that Ji Won made this movie. I really hate the guy.
200 Pound Beauty. Kim Ah-Joong. My Rate: 3. Not impressed with the female lead's acting.
This Crazy Thing called Love. Mario Maurer. My Rate: 5. Sweet and adorable!
A Millionaire's First Love. Hyun Bin. My Rate: 5. A sad but moving film =(
100 Days with Mr Arrogant. Ha Ji Won. My Rate: 3. Not too striking.
A Moment to Remember. Son Ye Jin. My Rate: 3. Too tragic. Poor guy.

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