Monday, July 30, 2012

What I learn today: Writing heals

When I was younger, I always dreamed of writing something unique. I started experimenting my imagination, daydreaming and living a life while sleeping. But each time I begin writing the very first sentence of my story, I go blank. I sure do have lots of ideas in mind but I cannot construct them into a single picture. I get tired of thinking, of composing my thoughts and it becomes a routine, everything I started, I couldn't finish. The fact of the matter is, I am confused as to what I really want to write, I have difficulties looking for the right words to describe the details, I am  scared! Scared that I might be criticized. I lack confidence and courage in sharing my thoughts. So, I abandoned writing.

These imaginative visions were just photographically preserved in my own world of fantasy. A sanctuary where I hid my inner self in times of loneliness, a place where I find peace and solace. 

But as I grow up and track the new phase of my life, I learned the significance of writing. It isn't just something you can use to tell everyone your selfish, childish daydreams but is an essential tool to express what you have bottled up inside for the longest time. 

After trying some remedies to ease the pain, I found comfort in writing. Running, keeping yourself busy, doing silly things and crying alone could help you a bit. But writing in my experience, is much safer, less exhausting thing to do when you want to express your emotion, especially anger and sorrow. I came to a point where I acknowledge writing as a therapy to mend a broken heart. 

I started writing again, this time I inked down every detail with sincerity and surprisingly, Im able to finish what I couldn't before.

And as time goes on, I learned how to manage my emotions. I put away my selfishness and tried  putting myself into other people's shoes to have a better understanding of what they feel. I become more sensible and responsible with my actions. Now, I write not just when I'm lonely or mad or bored but also when I am excited, in-love, and happy! Because this is what I really wanted to share with my friends and loved ones, a glimpse of who I truly am.

Through writing, I am slowly bringing myself out of my shell, becoming a more confident writer who have gained wisdom on the more important things: Love, Faith and Life itself…

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Malaysia Adventure 2012: Part 2

Malaysia Adventure2012: Day-4-5

ETD Penang Airport 07:00; ETA KL LCC 08:00

We dropped our bags to a budget hotel: Iris Garden along Bukit Bintang then we went straight to KL Bus Station for Genting. Unfortunely, the cable car is under maintenance from today to August! Ugh! This is the start of a series of unfortunate events!

OUTDOOR THEME PARK. There are roller coasters, ferris wheel, boat rides, dinosaur land, go karts, etc... but we only got to ride one... the pirate train! ha! this is made only for kids! not entertaining for adults at all! such a bad day... coz when we're waiting for our turn at Cork's Crew, we suddenly felt raindrops... yes.. it rained... hard!

INDOOR THEME PARK. We can't refund nor exchange our outdoor theme park fee. Sad. All we could do is stroll inside.

Before going back to KL, we visit Beryl's Chocolate wonderland for Chocolates! Also tried the fried durian (uhm, don't like it)

i-City. Super far from KL. Had no time to explore. We just toured around the lot and had a photo op with the available light creations. Our main problem is the train station will close by 11 pm. We got there by 10pm. =(

KUALA LUMPUR. Had a brief time touring around the city. Petronas Tower is truly amazing! But its lights were turned off at exactly 12mn, just 2 minutes after we got there. Sigh... very unfortunate day indeed!

July3: It is another day and we're off to our last tourist destination:

BATU CAVES. 45-minute train ride. Located at Gombak District. Monkeys and Crows (not pictured) by the way, can be seen anywhere in Malaysia =D Here, I had the chance to come up close with monkeys and doves. The monkeys are mingling freely with people, but they're not friendly at all. They steal drinks and food at your hand or bags, so be careful if you're going to visit the sacred caves.

We only got to see the main Cave, but we don't also have much time to explore it. The Dark Cave has an entrance fee and didn't dare to tour inside it anymore.
Had so much fun on this long vacation. Thanks to my travel buddies - Gianne, Joy, Risa, Johnna and Marc. So, where's next? =)

Malaysia Adventure 2012: Part 1

Malaysia Adventure Day 1-3: Penang, Palau Pinang

June 29:
ETD NAIA Terminal 3 14:00; ETA KL LCC 18:00
Currency Exchange: Php15 = RM1; USD1 = RM2.97

June 30:
ETD KL Bus Station 24:00; ETA Penang Bus Station 05:00

1) 4-hr Plane Ride. My 1st International Flight. 2) Onboard Cebu Pacific Air. 3) Falling in line at Marry brown Fastfood. 4) Malaysia's favorite: Nasi Lemak (i like the chili-peanut sauce). 5) Waiting for the train that will take us to KL Sentral. 6) Upon arrival at Penang Bus Station. 7) Teksi Cab =) 8) Breakfast is served at Oj's very acccommodating Sunnyville Condo. 9) Ready to have some fun!

1) Welcome to the very steep Penang Hill! 2) Photo Op. 3) The Furnicular train after dropping us off on top of the hill. 4) The Owl Museum. 5) Inside the wooden Restaurant. 6) Malaysian Food! Satay and Char Kuey Teow. 7) Lovin' the cool breeze!

KEK LOK SI Temple; you have to walk for at least 15minutes along the tianggehan to reach the sacred Buddhist temple. Up there are Buddhas, prayer halls, pagodas and bell towers. Two structures dominate the scenery, especially when the temple is seen from afar. One is the seven storey pagoda which dates from the temple's founding. The other is a huge bronze statue of the Goddess of Mercy, Kuan Yin -- a popular diety in Penang.

Penang BUTTERFLY FARM: it is the first tropical butterfly farm ever set up in the tropical world, with an average flying population of 4000 Malaysian butterflies of 120 different species. Entrance Fee: Adult: RM27. Fee is way too expensive for us, so we just had a short photo op in front of the farm. =D
BATU FERRINGHI Beach: It is the main place where we took Jayson Santos' Music Video (us girls as his back up dancers. View it here =D) We had a picnic in this public beach, it's almost 6pm but it's still like 3pm (the sun is restless in Malaysia!). We had a heavy merienda: Pork Adobo and Rice by Aldouz, Rambutan (i bought for RM5) and a weird-tasting halo-halo (it had strips of lemon peel) bought by OJ from one of the stores nearby.
After a very humid day... we end up dipping at Sunnyville's very cold swimming pool. Ahh... very refreshing! We went out for dinner by 11pm... We ate some dimsum and fried seafoods. I also had a glass of Lemon Juice with Arambula (tangy and sweet).

The next morning...

The Spooky WAR MUSEUM: It was located at Bukit Batu Maung, on the southern part of Pulau Pinang that the battle against the invading Japanese army was lost. This formidable fortress was built by British Army and manned not only by British soldiers, but also Malay and Sikh soldiers. It is complete with underground military tunnels and ventilation shafts, ammunition bunkers, logistic centre, canon firing bays, sleeping quarters, cook houses and medical infirmary. 1) At the entrance. 2) Oh my there's a night tour! (will never try that!) 3) 'i hate war' sign. 4) An old bike used by Japanese Army - Bukit Maung fell during an attack in which the Japanese army approached from inland, rather than from sea, as was expected by the British army. 5) Canon 6) Bomb 7) Enemies are beheaded. 8) Tunnel Escape Route (Midway through the tour, a guide showed us the tunnel we have to pass and for about a minute we were walking through this dark, suffocatingly narrow tunnel. Claustrophobia sinked in halfway through, I almost panicked. Gladly, I didn't and we made it all out. Whew!)

On the last day of our Penang Adventure, 1) OJ yet again made a kind gesture, he bought lunch for everyone! Some crispy noodles and Bak Kut Teh, a dish mostly enjoyed if eaten with family or group of friends. I also liked the asam(it has a sweet,sour taste), in which you dip the sliced fruits. For the drink, this time I tried the lemonade juice with Plum. 2) We stopped by DELL Penang where OJ and Aldouz is working. Just for photo op =D. 3) Mall visit to buy some Vincci shoes. Aldouz bought some J.Co donuts for us! 4-6) Snake Temple. There sure are lots of snakes in there!

Later in the afternoon.. we have to say our farewell to Jhellai (thanks for the chocs and lipstick!) and Franz (flying back to Singapore) and Jayson (going back to KL).

We took a rest and ate dinner at OJ's apartment and went back to Sunnyville for a short rest. OJ is very accommodating all throughout our stay there. We almost didn't spend a penny! We don't know how to tell him how much we appreciate all the things he has done for us, for taking good care of us while we're in Penang. Thank you OJ.. very, very much! See you again soon! =)
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