Monday, August 8, 2011

Random Thoughts: Photo Library

"Making Memories More Memorable"

I once heard: If you have a database, be creative with it and find ways to utilize it.

and there was the Internet which has the power to return any data you want to get. Whatever you want to know, you can find it through the web. Thanks to the computer nerds!

With this idea, I was inspired to build my own database, a collection of happy memories.

and there it was, My Photo Library where I store my adventures and happy memories. Everything I want to see, I can find it through my photo album.

So what, if I have an organized photo documentation?

Well, making people feel loved and special is one of the things I enjoy doing. So, I used a bit of my imagination and some creativity to create something unique out of my database of happy and wacky faces, and shared it with my friends! The best thing about it is that everything I have done and all the efforts I have exerted were being appreciated, leaving a wide smile on their faces each time.

Their appreciative feedback is always an overwhelming experience for me.

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