Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Random Thoughts: Suicides in Korea

I'm always fascinated with Korean Entertainment...dramas, movies, shows and music. I like their fashion and style, from haircuts to clothing down to footwear. I admire Hallyu stars as well. I even tried learning Hangul, the native alphabet of Korean language. I always wanted to experience their culture, meet Korean friends and visit the place strolling under the cherry blossom trees one day. Sometimes, I envy their fast-growing economy and success. I want to be a Korean! ...uhm.. for a day will do =D

But what intrigues me more is the way people especially those in show business manage their lives, how they deal with problems and bullies. Why does an actor's life always seem to be in danger? Though South Korea's Entertainment industry has been successful in recent years, it seems there's a curse within its organization. For the past few years, there were a handful Koreans who took their own lives with their bare hands. In fact, the increasing number of suicides in Korea is twice as much as the number of suicides in the US, which is quite disturbing because US has a much more population than Korea.

Generally speaking, Suicide isn't just Korea's concern, it's also one of the world's biggest problem (Suicide bombers' case is a different story, however).

We all know that deep financial trouble is one of the key factors why one commits suicide. It can also be triggered when emotionally depressed because of work, love, family, study or in worst cases a combination of all. Suicide is always an act of selfishness and cowardice. You do it to escape life's ultimate challenge. But putting myself in their shoes makes me realize that sometimes the wounds we sustain from life's challenges are too painful to endure. Thus, making suicide the first and last option. But still, it is against God's will. It might even create a chain reaction, it could trigger another suicidal attempt.

I pity those who loses their sanity because of something they think can't be solved. Everything can be solved! you just need to sacrifice something valuable sometimes like dignity, own happiness, credibility or simply your ego but sacrificing such things, of course...is one of the difficult things to do (harder to those who are self-centered, i guess). And i think this is why they attempt to kill themselves! They don't want to be humiliated and/or discriminated because of their mistakes. Others might not want to be blamed, others simply doesn't want to face the trouble they have created in the first place. Their image is too valuable to lose. You don't actually end or solve a problem when you get yourself killed, you're just passing it to other people because you can't solve it yourself.

I admire, however, those who bravely face the truth, those who accepts failure wholeheartedly and move on afterwards, those who understand why people tends to react the way they have reacted. They just let the issue pass through and eventually stands up and tell their detractors "are you done? can i correct my mistake and live a better life now?"

To those who are troubled, just think that there are a lot more people out there who had bigger problems than yours who are striving hard to get through it. Ask for God's grace and guidance. Don't just ask for forgiveness and kill yourself afterwards. Think of something better to LIVE BETTER!

Love is always around no matter how bad the situation is and because of it, time can always heal a wound, even the deepest wound. Try talking to a stranger...it helps..for some =)

Cheer up people, Life is beautiful!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

What I learn today: i love CHUCK!

"Love is what we live for" -Angelina Jolie

I'm not quite a fan of American TV series. Aside from CSI, Chuck is the only series i have enjoyed watching. I simply love Agent Charles and Sarah's tandem in saving the world from the baddies! Chuck's abilities especially beginning season3 is so cool! I also want to have that kind of extraordinary ability!

The casts we're all likeable but Morgan and Jeff, their physical appearances are very annoying but eventhough Morgan's character seems to be a total jerk, he's the bestest friend our hero has ever had.

Aside from his best buddy, Chuck Bartowski is also surrounded with 1.) Buy More weird co-employees 2.) his ever supporting sister Ellie 3.) brother-in-law Captain Awesome Devon and 4.) his handlers -NSA Agent John Casey and CIA Agent and love interest Sarah Walker.

I find Chuck and Sarah's relationship very romantic. I love her gestures everytime Chuck's in danger. No matter how much she keeps her real feelings towards him a secret, its pretty obvious she's into him. The way she looks at him, the way she protects him and the way she kiss him! I simply fell inlove with the way their love story goes all throughout the series.
I just hate the notion that spies can never fall in love. They're not robots who doesn't have feelings but i understand why they have to control their emotions. One, to not compromise their covers and two, it's in the spy's rulebook! Poor Sarah and Chuck, they have to endure this dilemma for a long long time! and that's kind of rude.For now I want to enjoy each of its episode, can't wait to see them get married and leave their spy lives at the end. I hope the little General will free them from the spy world and let them be together forever!

Ooopppss missed him already, have to see Chuck now!!! =D

Update 04/30/11: Marathon on the first few episodes of Season 4. Chuck is getting handsome...errr!  Remember the Buy More being burnt down in Season 3? well, it was built back by CIA and te old, nasty buy more employees are also back in the scene. Jefster! Oh boy, can't wait to complete the season!

Update 05/20/11: Been busy lately, haven't finished Season 4 yet but there's a good news! There will be Season 5! =)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Grown Ups

December 26, 2010

We're planning a HS/Elementary Reunion next year and i am as excited as everybody else to see our classmates we barely see or have never seen at all since graduation. Social networking sites kept us connected with each other. Most of our batchmates were now cooperating and even tracking others to make this happen after so many years.

Below photos with some of my childhood friends were taken last Christmas Vacation:

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Milo Marathon 2010

34th Milo Marathon
Run for a cause
July 4, 2010
Roxas Blvd., Luneta Park Manila

Thousands of running enthusiasts had joined the hype to give away hundreds of green and white pair of shoes to less fortunate kids. The event itself was exhausting, from the time of the race-gun starts at 6am for 5k runners when the temperature is already getting high, should have been better if its earlier-to the unsecured baggage counter-we're lucky enough to have found our bags after almost an hour! My finish time was also quite disappointing because i finished beyond my targeted time. But thinking about the reason we signed up in this event worth the hassle after all.

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