Saturday, November 23, 2013

Random Thoughts: Thank You World!

Yolanda's wrath made its way to history books. The most powerful 'Super Storm' in the world, that, unfortunately, we Filipinos had to experience and endure. All eyes were on us.

Days after the calamity, it left a very devastating scene, like that of a post-apocalyptic scenes we only normally see in the movies. Watching the news is heartbreaking. What's even more distressing, is the lack of action from the government to provide aid to the hungry and exhausted victims. Chaos on the first few days were uncontrollable. We were in a total mess.

But in the middle of all these, we, Filipinos become united, and together with the whole world, acted as one. Now, help and aid is on its way, it is getting better now. Smile is visible in our faces again. 

We may have lost lives but our spirit stays on because We are Filipinos, We never give up!

From the bottom of every Filipino's hearts, our heartfelt Thank you!

Faith in humanity restored!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

PBA Governor's Cup 2013

October 25, 1013
Araneta Coliseum
Cubao, QC

Game 7. Championship game between my team, San Mig Coffee vs my friends' Petron Blaze. It's already 2pm and still undecided. No tickets yet, but as the saying goes, "if there's a will, there's a way". And we found a way! Thanks to Troy.

Marc Pingris at the line for 2 free throws!

The score says it all... 

And The Champion is...

The best player of the game and mvp of the finals was awarded to... 

I was so fortunate to have settled down at 'San Mig fans' side of the crowd. Haha poor friends Petron trailed most of the game and until the time expires. Though James Yap's presence cannot be felt, Simon stepped up and unleashed the much needed shots! Kudos to the MVP too, Sakuragi!

It was a great game but it was only I who screamed for the win and the rest of my friends were frowning... I had fun! Bleh =P

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Across the Globe: The Preparation

Required documents. Check. Approved leaves. Check. A Check on my bucket list. Check. 

I still have a lot of things on my checklist that needs to be done in 2 weeks. 

I am already excited to see everyone and everything there is! 

Oh, I still need to go back to my ENT for my follow up check-up next week. My check-up's result yesterday doesn't sound good as per Dr Viceral of Borough Medical, I have a Chronic Rhinitis and my left ear's eardrum has a slight pressure; it is a bit cloudy which is not good especially when travelling by air. She had prescribed amoxil, sinupret, and co-aleva which I should take in a week. I hope it'll be treated in time for my flight. But as a precaution, I'll keep my earplugs by my side :)

This for now.. I'll keep you updated with my journey to the other side of the globe! :)

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