Monday, December 2, 2013

Across the Globe: A Dream come True!

SAN ANTONIO. It's been four days since i got here. We've been so busy I had no time to blog until just now. 

While on my longest flight ever, I look back years ago when the young me dreams about stepping onto American soil. "One day" I said, looking at a plane passing above me.

In hours, I'll be living that dream.

Entering the US for the first time is not easy. You have to prepare for the long trip and tight security. From my port of entry, I was questioned by an officer about my purpose of entering the country. After a series of question-and-answers and checking of documents, my passport was then stamped "admitted". I giggled for so much joy! Just imagine if I was denied, I could have (in a way) ruined my cousin's wedding! 

My relatives picked me up at the airport welcoming me with warm hugs and kisses. 

This is it!


I arrived just in time for Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey on the table! =)

The next morning, we visit grandma's grave before we head to Austin. I met my cousins -The Bride (Racquel), Man of Honor (Randy), and the Bridesmaid (Michelle) for the first time but feels like we've always been seeing each other, they were friendly and accommodating. 

A dream come true indeed! 

Racquel surprises me with a small part in her wedding being an usher, I'm glad I was well-prepared for the occasion. =D

We were told to attend the rehearsal but Ty, Meesh, Matt and I got lost going circles looking for that Hog Eye St.! We just went on to the rehearsal dinner in a Chinese restaurant called Din Ho where Dino was introduced by Auntie Angie. 

AUSTIN. In Hyatt Hotel, my cousin Meesh and I shared a room but we didn't stay much longer to chat. In the morning of 30th, I dragged my Uncle down to stroll along the river just outside the hotel, there were joggers and cute squirrels running around. The temperature is cool and perfect for a stroll. 

We walked about a mile and up the bridge we found out there's a parade for children. I saw plenty of familiar characters like Disney Princesses, Star Wars, Minions, and my new boyfriend, Thor! Hah! There were also veterans driving those cool vintage cars, and some cheerdancers and little gymnasts too. 

By noon, we ran back up to the hotel to eat and prepare. Ms Lupita, our hired beautician, had done a great job in making us beautiful for the special occasion!

THE WEDDING DAY was a very fine day, thank goodness, because I was wearing a dress and it was a garden wedding. Tyrone made me a Cherry Vodka Sour for a drink and I had salmon, beans, rice, and bread on my plate. We danced, took pictures, and shared shots with all the bride's cousins.

I rarely enjoy weddings but I am delighted with this one especially the happy hour after the wedding. We get into a nearby bar, got drunk, met new friends, and had a foodtrip along this famous downtown street. It was a blast! 

COPPERAS COVE. On 1st of December, I got the chance to visit my cousin Ronnie's grave and see the Sanchez' home. 

Before we head back to San Antonio, we picked Gem and Lilly at Melody's Pet Ranch and now I'm sleepy. Yay!

Goodnytie! =)
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