Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Random Thoughts: Poisonous tongue

It's funny that the title I've thought of really means something, I looked it up and the phrase means: Someone who spreads gossip (usually bad things and most of the time unfounded [untrue]) about others is said to have a poison tongue. This is exactly what I want to write about at this moment.

One of the things I learned from my father, being a mensch politician, is to be reasonable. As he said, everything has a reason why it happens. 

He stood by his principles but still people bashes him, detractors spread gossips about him and our family. But despite all these, he kept his cool and lived with it. He always tell us to stay calm and understand whatever they're coming from. For me, I want to cry foul, I want to cast a stone at them but eventually, I realized keeping your mouth shut actually dies down any issues quickly and you prove them wrong. 

I remember when I was in college, I don't exactly remember who says it or where I heard from but I took it deep in my heart.

"No matter how much shit a Professor or bullies throw at your face or behind your back, just turn around and don't talk back. But rather, motivate yourself to do better and better. And when you succeed, go back to them and thank them as you stand tall. That's the sweetest revenge." 

We can apply the same thing at work. Whatever crap a power-tripping boss tells you or to anybody else just to keep his hands clean, keep your cool and do the best you can on your job. Deliver results and let him stressed-out from his own selfishness, enviousness, and hatred. 

Whatever people gossip about you won't make you a lesser person. Especially when everybody knows the gossip-spreading-person really has a foul mouth and poisonous tongue. The important thing is, people who really matters to you knows who to believe in and knows who to laugh at. :D

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Random Thoughts: Loveletter to Friends

People change. 

But no matter how we become different from who we were before, we can never change the fact that we're a part of something, of someone we used to value so much. Sometimes, they just inevitably drift away from us as we meet new people.

I won't demand attention nor time from you and say, "hey, I was once a part of you, make time for me!" because I certainly understand that you're all busy with your own lives. You have a new set of friends, a career that occupies your mind, life challenges to focus on, and someone or a family to spend more quality time with. 

On this special day of love, I just want to tell you what my heart whispers... that no matter how much we've changed, I will always treasure the moments of that awesome friendship we had back in the day. 

I still keep them old kodak-developed pictures, thoughtful retreat letters, our interactive diaries as well as our random doodles on most pages of my notebooks. Even that little piece of paper with quirky notes were preserved and yeah, those testimonials from friendster too! :) These little things never fails to cheer me up when I'm emotionally distressed plus it reminds me how shallow and silly we used to be! :D

Your gifts, greeting cards, and all other tokens of friendship were very much well-kept and most of all, the secrets you've entrusted to me remains top secret! (imagine me smiling mischievously hah!)

I may not have time to write each of you a more personalized message or drop by to your fb page to greet you on special occasions like this; and I may not be as thoughtful as you can remember anymore but keep in mind that each of you is a puzzle piece that is a part of my whole being. It was indeed a great pleasure to have spent some time with you. Thank you.

I love you friends, you know I did. And I still do. ;)

-a letter i posted on my fb account last valentines day for my friends whom i've been missing.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Great City of Singapore!

If I were to choose between nature and city, there's no doubt, I'd always pick nature to spend my 5-day vacation. But sometimes, majority wins. 

And there I was, marvelling the beauty of Singapore's busy city. Everything and everyone is fast-moving, transportation is efficient, roaming around even at wee hours is relatively safe, towering buildings are beautifully designed. All I wanted our city in PH to be is in full view as if I'm looking at the future (atleast in my imagination).

Singapore is a small country, nevertheless, it showcases a wide range of attractions, entertainment, malls, and themeparks to its tourists.

Start wandering within your reach.. and go directly to Plaza Singapura where you can find Marina Bay Sands Hotel, the eye in the sky, and the city skyscrapers at the background. Then walk around the Gardens by the Bay, visit the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest and when it's time to refuel, there are restaurants where you can find good food at Clarke Quey.

Universal Studios is one of the main attractions, almost all visitors include this themepark on their list when coming here. You should expect, though, that outdoor rides could immediately stop its operation  on a cloudy weather and rainshower.

A bit early, we decided to try out Transformer's 4D ride at Sci-fi city. First of, we didn't expect the super long line as well as how super realistic it was. A thrilling, heartpumping experience! My friends beside me cried their hearts out, one pressed her hands so hard, my arms becomes red after the 15min ride. 
I was able to manage my fear of being in an eclosed, crowded room for almost an hour too. I felt so relieved when it was finally done!

And when you already explored the small world of USS, stroll around Resort's World or go treat your eyes with some cool illusions at Trick Eye Museum just outside USS.

I could have tried riding a luge back in Bukidnon a few years ago but upon looking at the steep slopes, I didn't dared to try. In Sentosa's promo board, it says "Once is never enough!" And when we tried the first time, it really wasn't enough! We went back up for another round, I want one more but we ran out of time! 
Had we had enough time, we could've set our feet to Sentosa's beach too! When I go back, I'll definitely spend more time here just for the luge and beach! ;)

Cross the border when you can, Malaysia is just hours away via bus. The closest you can go for a daytour is Legoland and Hello Kitty town.. 
So, where to next? 

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Retreat Letters

I was cleaning out my drawer when I found some bunch of retreat letters from my senior year in college. It's a tradition that you give positive messages to your friends going on retreat. We often refer to it as Palanca Letter. We somehow need it to emotionally prepare us during the days of reflection and spiritual retreat.

The ones I saw were more of 'thank you' letters written during one of our activities in St Paul Retreat House in Baguio City. We were given peices of paper to write what we want to say to each of the participants and I'm sharing with you some of their thoughts towards me that made my day.. feel free to read on! :)

There were days when I think about going back to school.. but only if these same people were there too..

We don't see each other as often as we did anymore, most of them either had their own families or enjoying their careers overseas, but they'll always be in my thoughts and prayers and the once in a bluemoon reunion to catch up is way better than never!

T'was cool being part of this circle and I'm proud of these gals.

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