Friday, July 31, 2009

Random Thoughts: Time Capsule

Front L-R: Fanny, Kate, Gem, Lui.
Back L-R: Abel, Jenny,Tom, Franz, Rex
Flashback...2nd Half...2006!

Oracle Implementation for MSI-ECS new system...

Im one of the members of the Oracle Core Team...
We learned to treat this company as our home for almost two months (more than - for others). Welcome aboard!
Food: with grocery allowance and free food from breakfast to midnight snacks. (it's where i gained too much fat...really!)
Aircon: switched on all the time...
Shower: an exclusive bathroom allotted just for us!
Salary: tripled! OT with night differential rate plus perfect attendance incentive (how can you be late if you're living in the company?!)
Bonus: oh well, after the "almost-24hrs-a-day" special job...we really deserve this!
Ghost: a freebie! haha... scary cats! we had goosebumps and mini-frightening experiences but its fun!
Entertainment: we would watch movies using the projector (shhhh..hehe) or play on-line games (i was caught by the President once!)

This is such a once-in-a-lifetime IT experience! It is when i realized, my thesis study was just a piece of cake... (if i can only turn back time)
THE JOB: we have to sit all the time to analyze and test the process. (uh-oh, brain damage)
TIME OF WORK: we call ourselves Zombies. "Sleeping" is not an option, nap it is! If you're an IT Professional, you're like a doctor on-call. This means, we have to set aside unimportant and not-so-urgent personal activities (as for me, i have to abandon my badminton buddies for awhile =(
"MILENYO": bagyong milenyo! is the greatest challenge! blackouts (we dont have reliable UPS that time), we have the scariest and strongest winds trying to rip off the roof and the glass door...

But after all the hard work....i've gained a lot:
Friends: A circle of friendship was formed Gi, Mace, Badeth, Dang,
Macky, Angel, Karen, Rex, Edwin and others.
Getaway: The team went on to visit my place and dang's Hundred Islands resort in Pangasinan. We also went to Boracay to relax, have fun and release all the stress our body have absorbed during oracle days.

Reward: The Oracle Team was awarded during Company's Kick-Off for our commitment and successful implementation!

Boracay Nov 2006
Now, luckily for all those newcomers, they're enjoying the GUI-based system.
It's fulfilling to see that the hard work paid off. Im glad to have encountered such an opportunity.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


"Help your body stay fit, help your heart be in good health... get into sports!"

...i am a sports fanatic...
...i enjoy playing sports....
...i love my game buddies...

...i like challenges...
...competitiveness, sportsmanship... or lose...I AM A WINNER...


Jetskiing : @ bora

swimming - relay @ marikina sports complex

kayaking : @ sumilon

wakeboarding @ batangas : haven't tried it yet =D


ping pong : @ tayug pangasinan

billiards : @ l'orchard antipolo

basketball @ makati gym

volleyball : @ makati gym

bowling: @ megamall

my game is BAD!!!SPCQ Badminton Tournament (3) : Creative Tech Fun Tourneys (2) : HSBC (2) : Imation (2) : HP (1) : ITAP (2) : Cyberpress (1) : Adidas (1) : MSI-ECS Tourneys (2)


blindfold shooting : @ manila ecopark
shooting : @ the farm

paint ball : @ southwoods


wall climbing : @ southwoods, cavite

rapelling: @ kampo trexo, tagaytay

Ziplining: @ kampo trexo, tagaytay
mountain climbing: @ Mt Pundaquit Zambales, Mt Pico De Loro Cavite
running : @ global city, taguig

Mizuno Run 10k Race : Draw the line, Run for a Cause 5k Race : Timex Run 5k Race

Friday, July 24, 2009

Tagalog Thoughts: Final Destination

takbo! hawak kamay tayong tumawid sa kalsada
dun sa no jaywalking, sa green light, sa walang jeep na rumaragasa

stop, look and listen bago ka mag-ped xing,
dahil kung hindi, naku makakalimutan mong gumising.
makakatulog ka ng sobrang himbing
habang nililibing sa hukay na malalim!

final destination, alam mo ba kung san ka patungo?
final destination, alam mo ba ang dead end mo?
at pag ika'y nadedo maiisip mo kaya ito...
"noong ako'y buhay pa, anong nagawa ko para sa kapwa ko?"
alam mo ba, malalaman mo pa kaya
kung kelan ka dapat humingi ng tawad sa Kanya?
pwedeng sa bahay, eskwelahan, opisina
pwedeng sa car, plane o jan lang sa kama
kung oras mo na, kukunin ka na ni Lord.
walang himala pag oras mo na...kukunin ka na lang basta ni Lord.

pag good ka sigurado, sa langit ang iyong tungo...
pagdating ng panahon magkikita-kita tayo... =)
ngunit kung ika'y bad asahan mo, si lucio ang kukuha sayo
kaya pakabuti ka na lang kaibigan

wala ng second chance para itama ang kamalian
kahit sino ka pa basta oras mo na,
wala ka ng magagawa.
pagkat isa ka lamang tao.
sa oras mo ika'y maglalaho sa mundong ito.
laging tandaan ikaw ang gumagawa ng iyong daan
ikaw ang magbibigay kay kamatayan ng direksyon
kung saan ang iyong final destination.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cebu-Bohol Trip

May 22 to 25, 2009
"WOW Philippines!, this is a place worth remembering again and again."

Few weeks prior to our flight to Cebu was thrilling, it was full of hype. One day we're excited, the next day we're losing hope...we don't know if we're still going! we're not sure who's coming, where to stay, we don't know if the weather will be good...most of us were confused...I AM confused! because i was tasked to do the budgeting and scheduling of activities. Originally we're more than 10 but as our flight day's getting closer, we're getting fewer, one by one...backing out, each had their valid reasons (???).

-=May 21, 2009=-
A day before the flight: Badethski's not yet sure. We still have to wait for her doctor's advice if she's already well enough to join the trip and it came out positive just a few hours before our departure time. YEHEY!!!

glad you came, we need your cam hehehe! V('',)

-=May 22, 2009=-
We arrived at Mactan Airport by 6:15 am and went directly to Supercat Terminal for Bohol. We had lunch at Loboc River Cruise courtesy of badeth then visited the famous Tourist Spots: Chocolate Hills, Man made Forest, Baclayon Church, The Historical Blood Compact site, Hanging Bridge and the Hinagdanan Cave.

Jumping over the Chocolate Hills

Bohol Trip is not complete without visiting those tiny, round-eyed tarsiers.

-=May 23, 2009=-
Rise and shine for ocean adventure... we went to see the dolphins and luckily we've seen not just one but a lot of them!!! we went on to Balicasag Island for its Marine Sanctuary...the best i've seen so far.

Chasing the dolphins

Cool underwater world!

By 2 o'clock, its time for Cebu Trip! We spent our first night with our Cebu friends, Mommy Lyn and Els. They gave us a welcome treat at Ila Puti and La Marea Pastry Shop and Lavazza Cafe.

It's Kas' fave dish at Ila Puti and now Kuting's =)

thanks for the yummy treats mommy lyn and elsie! BUSOG!

-=May 24, 2009=-
Welcome to Sumilon Island! It's a 3-hour ride from Cebu City. It is a small island that is actually close to Balicasag Island of Bohol (According to the Cebu-Bohol map i bought in SM Cebu). It is a quiet, relaxing place where you can have trekking, glass-bottom boat trip, kayaking, snorkeling and other activities.

splendid bird's eye view

exhausting trek...

kayak baby!

the floating rock

shifting sandbar
glass-bottom boat

-=May 25, 2009=-
Tour de Cebu! Magellan's Cross, Sto NiƱo Church, Lapu-Lapu Shrine. Bought some fishy pasalubong at Tabo-an Market.
mr. lapu-lapu

danggit anyone!?

We hate the thought of going back to work tomorrow but it is the reality... oh well, time to go home gals!

Only 5 showed up but after all the hussle, we had so much fun! 'Til next trip! =P

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Poetry: Dear Friend

0 0 0
0 0 0 0
0 0 0 0 0
0 0 0 0 0 0

A smile so captivating
A voice spoken so softly
With eyes glittering
With your head-turning beauty

How can we forget,
Such a wonderful friend?
With so much things to offer
With a big, great hand to lend

For all the times we’ve shared
Including problems, issues and any heart aches
Those, made our bond strengthened
We’ll be there for you no matter what it takes.

A sweet, thoughtful person you’ve always been
A simple poem was made for you to read especially when it rains…
Wherever you are, whatever you will be, ‘til the end…
We will forever be your good old friends.
From the laughters and journeys, to our shared tears...
We will miss you gurl…definitely!
Goodbyes aren't forever 'though, im sure we will still see each other...
Our paths will always cross coz we are in the same river.


Tolete Reunion 2009

June21 - July11, 2009 is one of the special moments for the Tolete clan. Although we're not really complete, it feels like everybody's there celebrating with us.

House Blessing @ Bulacan 06-27-09

Dreamwave Resort Bulacan 06-28-09

After 4 long years, Mama, Tito Ronnie and Tyrone (well, his last visit was 9yrs ago when he's just 10) spent a 3-week vacation in our hometown, Tayug. During their stay, we all had the chance to be with our cousins and cute pamangkins. We've also celebrated Ezra's (my sister) and Tyrone's graduation, My Parent's 29th wedding anniversary and my cousin's house blessing. Tyrone rendered a 2- special dance numbers showing his hip-hop moves. Spectacular!

Farm's Buffet 07-06-09

Tolete Gathering 07-06-09
Eventhough all of us were nosebleeding everytime we talk to Tyrone, we always had fun! i even experienced things i never experience before, like going to bars with my sister and cousins. nyaha...

Well, time passes by pretty quickly and they have to fly back again to San Antonio. I've made a Tolete Family Tree to update everyone back there and made a video out of photos and mini-videos of us. I hope they'll be convinced and make their own visit with our never-been-seen cousins.

I guess for now, we just have to chat and exchange emails while waiting for another four years...

We miss you!

watch Jazpah danz...

Poetry: Love

I went to Paris to find love
but went back home empty handed.
I looked back for Superman
but he couldn’t save me from sadness.

I searched for Cupid just to learn
he ran out of arrows.
Then I bumped into someone I never expected…
He took away my sorrows.

He made me realize
that you don’t have to go to a special place
nor find an extraordinary person to be in love.
You don’t have to chase for it,
nor wait for someone to come.

Because love lies in the person that matches your heart,
It comes in its own time and place,
There is always this someone called “soul mate”
Just let Love do it in its own mysterious way.
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