Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cebu-Bohol Trip

May 22 to 25, 2009
"WOW Philippines!, this is a place worth remembering again and again."

Few weeks prior to our flight to Cebu was thrilling, it was full of hype. One day we're excited, the next day we're losing hope...we don't know if we're still going! we're not sure who's coming, where to stay, we don't know if the weather will be good...most of us were confused...I AM confused! because i was tasked to do the budgeting and scheduling of activities. Originally we're more than 10 but as our flight day's getting closer, we're getting fewer, one by one...backing out, each had their valid reasons (???).

-=May 21, 2009=-
A day before the flight: Badethski's not yet sure. We still have to wait for her doctor's advice if she's already well enough to join the trip and it came out positive just a few hours before our departure time. YEHEY!!!

glad you came, we need your cam hehehe! V('',)

-=May 22, 2009=-
We arrived at Mactan Airport by 6:15 am and went directly to Supercat Terminal for Bohol. We had lunch at Loboc River Cruise courtesy of badeth then visited the famous Tourist Spots: Chocolate Hills, Man made Forest, Baclayon Church, The Historical Blood Compact site, Hanging Bridge and the Hinagdanan Cave.

Jumping over the Chocolate Hills

Bohol Trip is not complete without visiting those tiny, round-eyed tarsiers.

-=May 23, 2009=-
Rise and shine for ocean adventure... we went to see the dolphins and luckily we've seen not just one but a lot of them!!! we went on to Balicasag Island for its Marine Sanctuary...the best i've seen so far.

Chasing the dolphins

Cool underwater world!

By 2 o'clock, its time for Cebu Trip! We spent our first night with our Cebu friends, Mommy Lyn and Els. They gave us a welcome treat at Ila Puti and La Marea Pastry Shop and Lavazza Cafe.

It's Kas' fave dish at Ila Puti and now Kuting's =)

thanks for the yummy treats mommy lyn and elsie! BUSOG!

-=May 24, 2009=-
Welcome to Sumilon Island! It's a 3-hour ride from Cebu City. It is a small island that is actually close to Balicasag Island of Bohol (According to the Cebu-Bohol map i bought in SM Cebu). It is a quiet, relaxing place where you can have trekking, glass-bottom boat trip, kayaking, snorkeling and other activities.

splendid bird's eye view

exhausting trek...

kayak baby!

the floating rock

shifting sandbar
glass-bottom boat

-=May 25, 2009=-
Tour de Cebu! Magellan's Cross, Sto Niño Church, Lapu-Lapu Shrine. Bought some fishy pasalubong at Tabo-an Market.
mr. lapu-lapu

danggit anyone!?

We hate the thought of going back to work tomorrow but it is the reality... oh well, time to go home gals!

Only 5 showed up but after all the hussle, we had so much fun! 'Til next trip! =P

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