Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Poetry: Dear Friend

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A smile so captivating
A voice spoken so softly
With eyes glittering
With your head-turning beauty

How can we forget,
Such a wonderful friend?
With so much things to offer
With a big, great hand to lend

For all the times we’ve shared
Including problems, issues and any heart aches
Those, made our bond strengthened
We’ll be there for you no matter what it takes.

A sweet, thoughtful person you’ve always been
A simple poem was made for you to read especially when it rains…
Wherever you are, whatever you will be, ‘til the end…
We will forever be your good old friends.
From the laughters and journeys, to our shared tears...
We will miss you gurl…definitely!
Goodbyes aren't forever 'though, im sure we will still see each other...
Our paths will always cross coz we are in the same river.


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