Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tolete Reunion 2009

June21 - July11, 2009 is one of the special moments for the Tolete clan. Although we're not really complete, it feels like everybody's there celebrating with us.

House Blessing @ Bulacan 06-27-09

Dreamwave Resort Bulacan 06-28-09

After 4 long years, Mama, Tito Ronnie and Tyrone (well, his last visit was 9yrs ago when he's just 10) spent a 3-week vacation in our hometown, Tayug. During their stay, we all had the chance to be with our cousins and cute pamangkins. We've also celebrated Ezra's (my sister) and Tyrone's graduation, My Parent's 29th wedding anniversary and my cousin's house blessing. Tyrone rendered a 2- special dance numbers showing his hip-hop moves. Spectacular!

Farm's Buffet 07-06-09

Tolete Gathering 07-06-09
Eventhough all of us were nosebleeding everytime we talk to Tyrone, we always had fun! i even experienced things i never experience before, like going to bars with my sister and cousins. nyaha...

Well, time passes by pretty quickly and they have to fly back again to San Antonio. I've made a Tolete Family Tree to update everyone back there and made a video out of photos and mini-videos of us. I hope they'll be convinced and make their own visit with our never-been-seen cousins.

I guess for now, we just have to chat and exchange emails while waiting for another four years...

We miss you!

watch Jazpah danz...

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