Monday, June 27, 2011

Point-and-Shoot: Adiktus Kahit Saan





Kahit saan man tayo magtungo, ang adiktus ay adiktus magpakailanman! =)

Random Thoughts: Girl Scouting Experience

"Once a Girl Scout, always a Girl Scout"

Leadership. Camaraderie. Compassion. Independence. 
These are the things I've learned from Girl Scouting. 

In junior high, I was among the selected few who represented our region in the 11th National Jamboree organized by the Girl Scouts of The Philippines (GSP) on January 5-11. It was held at the grounds of Clarkfield, Angeles City Pampanga. It was also dubbed as the Philippine Centennial Scout Jamboree as it was coincided with the Philippine Independence Centennial.

There were about 15,000 scouts from 102 local councils throughout the country who have joined the event. The biggest campsite I've ever been into!

The General Assembly took place in GSP Headquarters located in Novaliches, Quezon City. Here, we were briefed on the activities and rules to follow and what we should always remember throughout the event. We also received our camping materials such as tents, sleeping pads, utensils, etc.

A convoy of buses brought us at the campsite the next morning.

We were divided into small groups. Members of each group are from different parts of the country. From Luzon, Visayas to Mindanao. I remember having a groupmate who could open a bottle using just her teeth while another girl has a lovely voice. We'll be with complete strangers in a span of several days and our main goal is to build a bond, friendship and trust.

Our Group. 1st Day.

As per official's direction, each team must stay together at all times and that we are responsible with each other. We have to sleep together under one medium-sized tent for 7 long days. We have to rely on ourselves because our dear parents are not around to assist and comfort us. We have to do chores like washing the dishes and doing the laundry. I hang up my clothes on the fence but someone took one of my pants. That sneaky thief!

I was chosen as the Patrol Leader of my team and my first task to designate who will cook what. Unfortunately, nobody knows how to cook. That makes fried and steamed dishes our main course throughout the week! With rice being half-cooked, most of the time. =D  Anyway, I chose breakfast and Jhe for my partner. It does look like I'm escaping the hardest task of cooking lunch or dinner huh?! but I tell you, breakfast is the hardest meal to prepare in times like this. While everybody's having a sound sleep after an exhausting day, we have to wake up as early as 4am to start making fire and cook for the group.

Daily call time is 7 o'clock in the morning. We had maps, compass and a list of activities in which we have to complete within the day. Races, relays, arts and crafts, treasure hunting and a whole lot more. We also had a fun interaction with the Boy Scouts!

The campsite was a former Picnic Grounds and Equestrian Field of a former military base. Tall grasses and bushes were apparently cut down recently. There were old acacia trees around and snakes were seen everywhere!We even heard a girl from a nearby tent screaming on top of her lungs when she saw a little snake inside her backpack. I also had an encounter with it one night. I felt something crawling beneath my sleeping pad but I was too sleepy and tired to react, so I just ignored and let it pass through our tent. It's their territory anyways.

I also remember having difficulty taking a bath. The shower rooms were big it could simultaneously accommodate about 20 girls. Since it's a common shower, I can see everyone bathing. And oh boy, some girls just doesn't care, taking a bath naked! But I, being one from a conservative province, takes a bath with clothes on. I just don't have the guts to do the same! =D

One day, I saw one of my teammates crying, desperately looking for her wallet. It was missing and has never been found. As the team's leader, I felt responsible with what happened. I felt an urge within me to act and help her. We decided to share a little from our extra pocket money, just enough to get her home after the camp. 

Surprisingly, our team was awarded the Most Compassionate Group during the closing program. We don't know who disclosed it. We're overwhelmed and can't believe that our simple act of charity was being appreciated by the GSP officials.

And on our school's commencement exercise, we were awarded The Most Outstanding Girl Scout of the Philippines. Cool!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Fathers' Day @ Trinoma

June 19th 2011
Trinoma Mall, QC
Father's Day Celebration

It was rainy but it didn't hindered us from celebrating Dad's day. We took our parents out for lunch and movie and while waiting for the Green Lantern, we spent some time in Time Zone, shooting and playing deal or no deal. It was really Dad's day, as he won the deal! =D

Effects were impressive but the storyline ain't that good.

Dad tryin' to beat the clock as mum looks on.

Just won the jackpot!

Dad, thank you for being a great father! Love yah!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mum's Birthday

June 17th 2011
Happy 53rd Birthday Mum!
Wishing you more birthdays to come.
Stay cool and sexy as always. We love you!

Friday, June 17, 2011


Seeing my younger siblings doing pretty well on their own fields makes me proud. Between us, the Tres Marias, Bunso is the most talented while Konsehala is the one following our mother and father's footsteps =)

Our youngest, Bonch, can do so many great things with her hands... first of, she can draw, our future architect! She learns how to use Photoshop by just downloading tutorials and getting tips from her brother. She loves music and can play musical instruments without any proper training, she has learned how to play the piano and guitar all by herself. She can even play superb volleyball by just watching videos of volleyball matches. An MVP on her first tournament. =) She's a keen observer and a fast learner too.

busy working on her project.

Eyz, on the other hand, is also artistic in her own ways. She may not have the skills in drawing but she's good in arts and crafts just like mum. She also enjoys cooking, landscaping and taking care of munchies. A warm-hearted person who loves to serve people just like dad. My trusted partner in our yearly program for Barrio Kids. 'Though sometimes she's stubborn and very outspoken, this kid is very generous, compassionate and  friendly. Also a kid at heart just like Ate. =D

guess who's holding the cookbook! yeah...that's my role. =D

done with the Seafood Paella!

What more can I say? hmm... they're both slim! 

MISSY: Used as a familiar term of address for a young woman or girl.missy [ˈmɪsɪ]. n pl missies. 

Random Thoughts: Memories behind Drawings

I suddenly missed doodling and drawing... It's been a long time and it feels like I can't draw anymore. Found these guys in an old bag, signed by me, dated '98. I wonder if I can ever draw something like it again. But I missed my doodlemates during college more! we doodle to fight off boredom during classes. Hah! 

On pages of my notebook.... 


I miss kalabs and porky a lot and the mini diary we used to have!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Random Thoughts: Lunar Eclipse

June 16, 2011. My deep sleep was disturbed by a phone call. It was my sister and it's 3 o'clock in the morning!

She called up just to tell me to observe the lunar eclipse that's already been in the process at that moment. They're back home, on the roof! just to witness it.

I went out the street but can't seem to find where the moon is. But as I head back, I finally saw it, a fullmoon and half of it was already covered by the earth's shadow. There are some scattered thin clouds but the sky cleared up just in time. At 3:30 AM on my watch, it was totally covered and it became what was called the 'Red Moon'.

It was my first time to witness a lunar eclipse! It might be spectacular if I had a telescope. =)

I've read the news and it says, It lasted for 100 minutes, which was the longest total lunar eclipse in 11 years. WOW!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Poetry: This Bittersweet Feeling

in silence you came, you're not aware
your innocence made me wait in vain.
you've captured the heart that belongs to somebody else.
my heart's pounding whenever you're near, can't explain.

i felt it but can't interpret it,
i saw it but can't describe
i knew it but tried to ignore it,
tell me more 'bout love and life!

is it right, is it wrong?!
just tell me now, 'to you i belong...'
coz im very much willing to learn how to sing, 
this new, wonderful and lovely song.

your every smile
i forget the least, 
in my invade
your embrace i beseech.

we're friends that have fallin' in love
i don't know when it started, 
i just know its music when i hear ur laughter.
out of confusion...
in my heart, you have landed.

for now...
i don't care what the world may say
the feeling is just too strong, 
come what may.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Random Thoughts: Marriage Proposal

I once proposed for marriage. I proposed to my bestfriend...

July 15, 2006. Saturday. We we're doing a very important system implementation that day at the office but I need to sneak out for a while! I asked permission and thank God they let me.

I've invited my bestfriend for a stroll and requested her to wear something nice and white and Voila, she did! We had a good chitchat over a cup of coffee at Starbucks, talking about some memorable moments of college and just how happy she is seeing me again after quite sometime.

Every once in a while, I text and call my accomplices but it took them a little longer to prepare. Others were still "on their way".

As expected, after numbers of exchanged messages and calls, she started to lose her temper because my attention was on my cellphone. She was so annoyed she threatens to leave. I used my work as an excuse to cover up my plans. Luckily, she believed in my white lie.

I managed to entertain her until I was finally signaled to proceed at the venue. I had to tell her one last lie. "I need to go to The Prestige Tower to pick my boss' laptop". She took my bait!

We used the reserved elevator, there's the Manager together with a security personnel who disguises themselves as regular visitors. Until this time, she still doesn't have a clue of what will happen next.

From the ground floor, we stopped by at the 19th. The door opened, and our close friend Sandy was standing right outside the elevator and gave each of us a long-stemmed rose. The door immediately closes leaving my bestfriend in awe. Speechless and quite flabbergasted! "What is this all about?". Her hands were getting cold.

We went up, each time the door opens, someone special is there to surprise her. Much of her delight, she started screaming at my face, "What's happening?!". I was tight-lipped.

And on the 27th floor, I took her out, (giving everybody time to gather in the reserved function room->it should have been at the rooftop if only the weather was good). Tears started falling down her cheeks,looking suspiciously at me while I handed her my rose.

I can tell how overwhelmed and confused she was. There were question marks written all over her eyes. I just stood there in silence patting her back and smiled, fighting back my own tears. It took a while to calm her down but as soon as she composes herself, I wiped her tears and whispered, "Save that for later".

We went all the way up... the elevator door opens for the last time.

The Manager by the way, almost blew it off as he kept on insisting to blindfold her, which isn't part of the plan. I looked at him right in his eyes and just gave him a deep stare 'til he kept his mouth shut. =D

As we stepped out, rose petals from the hallway guided us all the way to the function room. I opened the door, it was dark and as we walked into the room, a heartwarming music was played and a gentle voice was heard at the background, delivering a very sweet message.

The dim light was turned on. A neatly dressed man walked slowly towards her, in his widest, bestest smile. He gave her the last rose as he kiss her.

He took her infront of everybody while we're cheering and clapping and just being happy looking at both of them. Their families and closest friends were as well in tears.

He knelt down and asked the question everybody's waiting for, "Will you marry me?".


That gentleman sooner becomes the man who joins her for the rest of her life's journey.

I once proposed for marriage. I proposed to my bestfriend...

It's just that... it wasn't I who popped the 'will you marry me' thing.

Yes, the whole thing was my idea! and I'm very much happy to have organized this one simple but special event.

Being able to witness this moment felt like I was the one who proposed or should I say, I'm also hoping that someone will do the same for me someday!

Marriage Proposal. =)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Weekend Getaway: Pandin Lake

Pandin Lake
Laguna, Philippines
4th June 2011

Friday night. Off we go to Laguna. It was Paolo and Lia's despedida. Off they go to a greener pasture. 

It was a stressful Friday, we had a presentation with Mr. Goo and Mr. Willis from VMware Education. Great it is to end the day with my Big Time friends. =) Time to take off that stress from my system! Hours later, we're back in Paolo's residence. I, being a Yaya for a day is so much fun! Jiggs and Moi are very energetic kids... i think i lost some pounds just laughing along with them! they're so adorable! =D

Just arrived at Paolo's Mansion.

Playing around with Jerome's son, Jiggs.

15-minute walk to the lake.

Kids at heart.

Yummy Lunch! grilled bbq.

With the boys. Paolo (top left). Master Edwin (top right). Bitchy Boi Jeff (bottom).

The Cuties. Left: Moy with Mum Ren. Right: Jiggs and Tita Lui.

All Girls Only.

At the other side is Yambu Lake.

The Coconutnut is a giant nut...

Swimming in the warm water of the lake!

Family Portrait-like. =D
From left:  Kuyang Sutil, Ang Ampon, Ang Ateng Ambisyosa. C Bunsoy. Mama. Papa. Ang Grade Schooler. Ang Black Sheep ng pamilya. At ang Autistic.  

More outings like this in the future! Thank you Pao & wife Beth for letting us in to your mansion once again. Jepang and Kishy for the ride. Jhellai for the photos. Jiggs and Moi for the entertainment. And everybody else for the happy moment! Miss y'all... 

Monday, June 6, 2011

What I learn today: The Unworthy

What if you have fallin’ inlove with someone who doesn’t love you back? Is that stupidity? Foolishness? An act of being blind? Or you just simply fell into the deep well of cupid’s trap, waiting to be saved by the one you love? But even if he saves you, what if he came to just pull you up and does not intend to stay? 

Don’t be like me…I made myself step right into that trap. I let myself fall inlove with someone whom I thought was real. He made me feel like a fool, worst than being blind… I felt so stupid!

Day after day, I found myself falling even deeper, ‘til came a time I realize, the relationship was over. I didn’t fell out of love but rather awakened by the fact that he could never love me the way I love him, he will never be the one whom I'll be sharing my dreams and life with. I was shattered.

It shouldn’t continue for it has no direction, I had promised to just stop. How would it last if “love” only grows within “me” and not within “us”? 

We are somehow common in one thing…I guess. We are looking for each other’s assurance.. we are scared of showing love because we are scared of getting hurt at the end. We assumed that this relationship will end up sooner or later without even thinking the possibility of ending up together, exchanging vows at the altar. His insensitivity and selfishness, eventually hinders me from showing how much care and love I had for him. I am somehow forced to hide it because he too doesn’t want to give, I became selfish like him. He doesn’t even know how to take and appreciate what is given. Sure, he didn’t expect anything from me in return, he shouldn’t be in the first place because he gave nothing. 

“He is unworthy of your love, and doesn’t deserve to be loved”, my head says, but my foolish heart replies, “if you love him, you have to love him freely, just love him and accept him for who he is”. Dilemma that is!!!
Because I love him, I always find reasons to understand his actions, excuses and views in life.
Because I love him, I always had patience to wait for the day he will too feel the same.
Because I love him, I always hope that someday, he will value my existence.
Because I love him, I always respect his every decision, even if it means I get hurt.
Because I love him, I always forgive him even for the times he had taken me for granted.
Because I love him, I always tried looking for something that will prove his worth.
Because I love him, I have forgotten myself, my friends and my world. 

I focused so much of my time thinking that somehow, he would realize how he’s hurting me, that someday he might see his ownself in the mirror and try to figure out how to be a better man… 

Love isn't “ONE WAY”. It should never be. If he doesn't love you back or doesn't love you anymore, don't force it. END IT!

-written when I was at my weakest and that was a long, long time ago! =D
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