Friday, June 17, 2011


Seeing my younger siblings doing pretty well on their own fields makes me proud. Between us, the Tres Marias, Bunso is the most talented while Konsehala is the one following our mother and father's footsteps =)

Our youngest, Bonch, can do so many great things with her hands... first of, she can draw, our future architect! She learns how to use Photoshop by just downloading tutorials and getting tips from her brother. She loves music and can play musical instruments without any proper training, she has learned how to play the piano and guitar all by herself. She can even play superb volleyball by just watching videos of volleyball matches. An MVP on her first tournament. =) She's a keen observer and a fast learner too.

busy working on her project.

Eyz, on the other hand, is also artistic in her own ways. She may not have the skills in drawing but she's good in arts and crafts just like mum. She also enjoys cooking, landscaping and taking care of munchies. A warm-hearted person who loves to serve people just like dad. My trusted partner in our yearly program for Barrio Kids. 'Though sometimes she's stubborn and very outspoken, this kid is very generous, compassionate and  friendly. Also a kid at heart just like Ate. =D

guess who's holding the cookbook! yeah...that's my role. =D

done with the Seafood Paella!

What more can I say? hmm... they're both slim! 

MISSY: Used as a familiar term of address for a young woman or girl.missy [ˈmɪsɪ]. n pl missies. 

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