Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Random Thoughts: Marriage Proposal

I once proposed for marriage. I proposed to my bestfriend...

July 15, 2006. Saturday. We we're doing a very important system implementation that day at the office but I need to sneak out for a while! I asked permission and thank God they let me.

I've invited my bestfriend for a stroll and requested her to wear something nice and white and Voila, she did! We had a good chitchat over a cup of coffee at Starbucks, talking about some memorable moments of college and just how happy she is seeing me again after quite sometime.

Every once in a while, I text and call my accomplices but it took them a little longer to prepare. Others were still "on their way".

As expected, after numbers of exchanged messages and calls, she started to lose her temper because my attention was on my cellphone. She was so annoyed she threatens to leave. I used my work as an excuse to cover up my plans. Luckily, she believed in my white lie.

I managed to entertain her until I was finally signaled to proceed at the venue. I had to tell her one last lie. "I need to go to The Prestige Tower to pick my boss' laptop". She took my bait!

We used the reserved elevator, there's the Manager together with a security personnel who disguises themselves as regular visitors. Until this time, she still doesn't have a clue of what will happen next.

From the ground floor, we stopped by at the 19th. The door opened, and our close friend Sandy was standing right outside the elevator and gave each of us a long-stemmed rose. The door immediately closes leaving my bestfriend in awe. Speechless and quite flabbergasted! "What is this all about?". Her hands were getting cold.

We went up, each time the door opens, someone special is there to surprise her. Much of her delight, she started screaming at my face, "What's happening?!". I was tight-lipped.

And on the 27th floor, I took her out, (giving everybody time to gather in the reserved function room->it should have been at the rooftop if only the weather was good). Tears started falling down her cheeks,looking suspiciously at me while I handed her my rose.

I can tell how overwhelmed and confused she was. There were question marks written all over her eyes. I just stood there in silence patting her back and smiled, fighting back my own tears. It took a while to calm her down but as soon as she composes herself, I wiped her tears and whispered, "Save that for later".

We went all the way up... the elevator door opens for the last time.

The Manager by the way, almost blew it off as he kept on insisting to blindfold her, which isn't part of the plan. I looked at him right in his eyes and just gave him a deep stare 'til he kept his mouth shut. =D

As we stepped out, rose petals from the hallway guided us all the way to the function room. I opened the door, it was dark and as we walked into the room, a heartwarming music was played and a gentle voice was heard at the background, delivering a very sweet message.

The dim light was turned on. A neatly dressed man walked slowly towards her, in his widest, bestest smile. He gave her the last rose as he kiss her.

He took her infront of everybody while we're cheering and clapping and just being happy looking at both of them. Their families and closest friends were as well in tears.

He knelt down and asked the question everybody's waiting for, "Will you marry me?".


That gentleman sooner becomes the man who joins her for the rest of her life's journey.

I once proposed for marriage. I proposed to my bestfriend...

It's just that... it wasn't I who popped the 'will you marry me' thing.

Yes, the whole thing was my idea! and I'm very much happy to have organized this one simple but special event.

Being able to witness this moment felt like I was the one who proposed or should I say, I'm also hoping that someone will do the same for me someday!

Marriage Proposal. =)

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