Friday, June 28, 2013

Random thoughts: Movies in 2 nights

June 26, 2013
Four Sisters and a Wedding
Citywalk Eastwood Cinema 4

Thank you Star Cinema for another Quality Filipino (family) Movie featuring some of the best actors of my generation - Toni Gonzaga (Tedi), Bea Alonzo (Bobie), Angel Locsin (Alex), Shaina Magdayao (Gabby), and Enchong Dee (CJ). I got carried-away during the confrontation part. I could somehow relate to the cast's characters having sisters and brother myself. More movies like this! ;)

June 27, 2013
World War Z
Gateway Mall Cinema 9

My friends had no idea about the movie and I didn't had any idea about them not  watching this kind of movie as well! Sorry guys, my Bad. ;D

I was pretty entertained looking at them slouching at their seats, hiding under their jackets and peeking carefully with half-open eyes! So frightened, they almost hit me. They hate me for making them watch Brad Pitt's zombie movie! I just hope they could sleep well tonight. Hehe... 

People who likes 'The Walking Dead' would definitely like this one. Hey Rick, you've got to find Gerry now!!!

The taxi driver (Melberte UVR637) is a nice man. He took us (from Cubao) and dropped us off to our destination without complaining or asking for an additional tip. That's quality service! If all cab drivers are as nice as him, it would be great!

Hmmm... Monsters University... Next?! ;)

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Random thoughts: Heat's 3rd Championship!

June 21, 2013
Friday (Philippine time)
Game 7, Finals

I was never a Lebron James fan but always been a Heat fan since Dwyane Wade was drafted by Miami in 2003.

2012-2013 Season is their best run and might be their best Finals ever! It was very exciting, full of thrill and tense, and I had so much fun exchanging friendly rants with Spurs fans most especially with the "haters"! 😜 

LBJ earned my respect but I am still a Wade fan. He may be hurting and not 100% but I commend his courageous effort in playing hard to help his team win despite his injuries. 3 for No. 3!!!

Now that the season was over and the Miami Heat together with the King, the Flash, Super Mario, the Birdman, Mr Pure Shooter, Coach Spo and the rest of the team has proven their Greatness and Mightiness, the haters continues to hate while the heat fans celebrate!

Thank you San Antonio Spurs for a spectacular championship series, hats-off to you tough guys.

We look forward to a three-peat and a start of a new dynasty! Let's Go Heat!!!
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