Thursday, May 27, 2010

Random Thoughts: Through the years...

Back-to-school is approaching fast! I remember the days...going to school, playing with friends, doing school activities, long summer vacations!...*sigh* i missed my school buddies. Although we still see each other once in a while...i still missed the old times. The unforgettable firsts (school politics, campings, school competitions and puppy love?! hmm) and the things i can't imagine i really did (singing, dancing and acting), is worth reminiscin' again and again. From my Nursery to College classmates, schoolmates and of course closest friends...thank you for the wonderful memories...SEE YAH!

St Patrick's angels with Teachers Tess and Rowena

TCES' Pupil Government Officers

TNHS' Einstein Class with the Principal and Class Adviser

With the Topak Family =)

Paulinians with Sister Rosella

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Weekend Getaway: Punta Malabrigo

Punta Malabrigo Beach Resort
Lobo, Batangas
May 22-23, 2010

Learn from us!
If you want to explore and try a different type of beach, go to Malabrigo beach located at the Southern part of Lobo, Batangas. It's a 5-hr drive from Manila, so don't overload your car, make sure you are comfortable. Bring lots of food and water and also don't forget to bring your first aid kit since the nearest convenient store is too far from the beach.

Malabrigo beach isn't the usual kind of beach, it doesn't have powdery, white sand and its not a good snorkelling site either. From shoreline to the underwater, its all stones! But the calm and warm water, the scenery and the breeze of fresh air is quite soothing.

I am not supposed to see this place, but the good people at Finance Department invited me to join their funfilled teambuilding. Together with their organizer, Chang, we prepared games and activities for the whole team.

The not-so-anticipated Experience:
We are suppossed to bound South by 9:00 AM but our driver arrived at around 11:00 AM. The sun was already up and at its hottest temperature. Since the other car was suddenly unavailable, we dont have a choice but to compress ourselves into one L300 FB Van. We are 21 including the driver plus 4 kids, and yes we are pretty much overloaded! and so the car's aircon can't do much about the heat, it can't produce cool air because of excessive heat. Add heavy traffic to our head just want to burst that time but i dont have the right to complain and im glad i was able to hold on. We stopped over at Jollibee for lunch and then the torture continues.

The FUN part!
Finally, we reached the resort by 4:00 PM, after a quick rest everybody dipped into the water to freshen up. Its the best feeling all throughout the day!
We began our activities by 730 Pm, then later in the evening we just lay down at the rocky shoreline for stargazing and enjoy the relaxing ambience.
Everybody swam early in the morning to take opportunity at the calm water and avoid the skin-burning-sunlight! Series of games follows after breakfast...
We start packing by 2:00 PM. I began praying for patience and tolerance aside from protection and i bet you know what happens next...yep, yep, yep! another torturing trip...whew!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Pahiyas Festival 2010

Lucban, Quezon / Majayjay, Laguna / May 14-16, 2010

My travel buddies decided to be part of the colorful festivities of Pahiyas 2010. We took a 4-hr bus and an hour of jeepney ride to reach the small town of Lucban in Quezon.

After a nap in our rented room, we went to Cla's(my younger sister's friend) house for her birthday and had a delicious spaghetti, bread and juice.We went straight to Kamay ni Hesus (Hand of Jesus) Groto and climbed up its 200-step stairs to view Mt Banahaw and parts of the town.
We treat ourselves with good food at Palaisdaan Restaurant, the resto was mostly made of bamboo and it also has a live band.
We dared each other to ride on top of the jeepney(which they call "top loaders"). My whole body started to shiver as i climb up the roof, i immediately took a tight grip at the handle and sit. After a while, we're having fun! shouting and laughing and taking photos as the cold wind brushes up our was an incredible experience!
The next morning, breakfast was served at Buddy's restaurant then we start walking and get amazed with the decorated houses. We also got the chance to meet Congressman Mark Enverga in the crowded street.Good food never stops as we feast at Joan's(mace's friend in lucban) house! Her mom told us that people in lucban really loves to cook tasty food. Lucbanins are indeed good cooks!
We took a long afternoon sleep before we went to stalls for pasalubong and souvenirs. Too bad for us, we missed the parade, only Jo and Mace got the chance to see it. Take-away Pizza for dinner! Chow again!

By early Sunday morning, we travel to Liliw, Laguna to visit miru's aunt and to drop off our bags. From there, we took a trip to Majayjay Falls, the water was freezing like melted ice. Its actually my third time to visit the place and i can see the vast development they have made. The first time i came here, its like a hidden paradise, now, its too crowded, the trail was already concrete, there's a hanging bridge towards a resort on the other side and additional comfort rooms were built.

We went back to Liliw by 2pm and a crispy Lechon Baboy awaits our hungry tummies! Yumyum! Along the way, around 5:30 in the afternoon, we got the chance to see the rare sighting of the new moon and the planet venus. The sunset color, the silhouette of the coconut trees and the bright sky made it look like an extraordinary painting but unfortunately i wasn't able to take a photo of it.
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