Thursday, May 27, 2010

Random Thoughts: Through the years...

Back-to-school is approaching fast! I remember the days...going to school, playing with friends, doing school activities, long summer vacations!...*sigh* i missed my school buddies. Although we still see each other once in a while...i still missed the old times. The unforgettable firsts (school politics, campings, school competitions and puppy love?! hmm) and the things i can't imagine i really did (singing, dancing and acting), is worth reminiscin' again and again. From my Nursery to College classmates, schoolmates and of course closest friends...thank you for the wonderful memories...SEE YAH!

St Patrick's angels with Teachers Tess and Rowena

TCES' Pupil Government Officers

TNHS' Einstein Class with the Principal and Class Adviser

With the Topak Family =)

Paulinians with Sister Rosella

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