Saturday, July 27, 2013

What I learn today: Why?

WHY? Why do we keep on asking "why?" when one struggles or die? Why does it have to happen to me? to him? Why so tragic? Why so painful? Why?

Tell me, how do you want to live your life? How do you want to die? Think about it. 

Cancer let you do things you need and want to do while your body slowly dies. But the pain is just tremendous to bear and you have to endure it until the end of your time. 

Or how about getting killed instantly after an accident, would you rather prefer it? It would be painless but you would also lose that one chance to do the things you want to do or at least say you want to say before you pass away.. 

Or, for a any reason, you will opt to be selfish and coward, and attempt suicide instead? Torturing yourself until you're breathless leaving nothing but mystery (you have the option to leave an honest open letter of hatred and bitterness beside your dead body). You just want to end it. Period!

Imagine you were granted a choice, can you tell how you want to live and die? Can you really make up your mind?

Try to weigh in your options and you'll get exhausted. I got exhausted! that at the end of the day, I just told myself "Oh dear life, you know what? Surprise me!"

In a matter of time, the bottomline is, we 'Die'. No matter how we protect ourselves.. life will end. So, why not just tell yourself, "Thy will be done" and leave your worries to God? Only Him knows what's best for us.

Never ask Why but perhaps ask "What?".
What's the purpose of life and death. What is your purpose?

I also believe that if there's a purpose of living, there is a purpose of dying. Sometimes, somebody has to die to let someone live. 

Moreover, when one has to go, let him wholeheartedly. Say a prayer and be happy for his soul to be at peace.
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