Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's a Colorful Christmas!

MSI-ECS' Wonderful and Colorful Christmas
Crowne Plaza Hotel
December 18, 2010

Photos at our Hotel Room
Dressing Room

Plants and Zombies Boys

The view

The Tribute
...for our dear Jolyn.

The Winners
Winner: Penagbenga Festival

1st Runner-Up: Kadayawan Festival

2nd Runner-Up: MassKara Festival

Photos at the Grand Ballroom
The Host
The Best Supervisor

The Cebu Mommy

The VATC Team

The Round Table

Product Support and MIS Team with The Company President.

Back to Ranrich

PS & MIS Division Christmas Party
December 10-11, 2010
Ranrich Resort
Ternate, Cavite

Two months after our Survival Activity, we traveled back to Cavite to have a safer and more relaxing bonding. =D

(Check out our Survival Activity here)

The newbies' performance showcases their unique out of this world talents =$ 
Attorney, too, has rendered his own show, "Ang Paglilitis", which really made us LOL all night.

I got my wish from our exchange gift, a lunch bag! and I also got to win an Acer Jacket which I've traded for Microsoft Jacket. Wheee!

 Good Morning Roommates!
The pool is exclusively OURS!

At the Tower

Overlooking the Cavite Beach

Manager's Chore

Yummy Lunch! Itlog na maalat w/ kamatis, Inihaw na bangus w/ fatty belly,
Inihaw na liempo, Inihaw na talong and Ginisang kang kong w/ bagoong! 

Hello! Ladies

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Point-and-Shoot: Jumpers

"Guitar Man"

"On the Beach"

"Chocolate Hills"

"Frog Leap"


100th Post: A Milestone!

I have doubts creating my own blog 2 years ago. The thought of not being able to maintain it, occasionally comes into my mind. So, if Dudeth didn't pushed me to start this blog, "a glimpse of me" will never exist(Thank her!).

Now I'm writing my 100th post! For a person who's used to keep everything in private, this is such a milestone. Even though its just in the form of writing, I have shared something I truly treasure - my travels, hobbies and just about anything that's happening into my life - to my friends and even to people who fortuitously browsed my blog =)

And to commemorate this milestone, I dedicate this post to people who, in any way, became part of me. Family, friends, classmates, neighbors, teachers, strangers, peers, et al. Without you, my journey would not have been worthwhile. I may forget how exactly we have met and may not remember your names or faces sooner or later, but one thing's for sure, you've already been engraved deep into my heart.

Please do accept my sincerest "Thank You", for everything, most especially for the love and understanding you've given me all along. Hugs and Kisses! =)

Happy Holidays everyone!

Pay the "Goodness" forward to heal the world.

The Food Month

December is food Month! 

On the 8th, my friends from Finance Department has invited me yet again to join their group's Mini-party at Dampa, Libis. 

A variety of seafood and pork dishes were served.

Thank you very much for the fun-filled night!


"My Bingo Card"

"CnC and Invoicing Team"

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Point-and-Shoot: Adorable Pets

"Bones please...please..."

"Why is it so dark in here?"

"Rrrrr....i'm watchin' ye..."

"ouch my eyes! is that a flash?"

"finger lickin' good baby...."

"Oh you found me...i didn't took it...promise..."

"Okay y'all...listen up!"

"hmm...what are you doin?"

Monday, December 13, 2010

What I learn today: Farewell

Yesterday, I heard a very sad news. Fire engulfs one of our colleagues' apartment early in the morning of Sunday, Dec12. She and her daughter weren't able to get out. 

2hrs later, the trapped mother and child were found...in each other's arms. 

The news really saddens me. I still can't believe they've lost their lives in such a tragic way.  I know this person, I get to see her every day in the office and I can never forget her smile. We're not that close as friends but it felt like we just lost a friend, a sister.

As a tribute to this young, beautiful mother and child, we wore white clothes, pinned a ribbon and offered a mass. Together with the whole MSI-ECS family, we went to their wake to pay respect and bid our last goodbye. 

This is life as we know it...yesterday you're talking to this person, the next day that same person's gone...

My family and I extends our condolences to her grieving family. Rest in peace our dear Jolyn and Francine.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Random Thoughts: Thank you Day.

Every once in a while, I spare some time thanking people I'm grateful to know. I call this day my "Thank You Day". I use any means of communication; personally, text messaging, email, social networking, etc. to reach them. I randomly pick several people (usually, these are the people I missed the most at the moment) and reminisce the memories we've shared together. I construct a brief but direct and sincere Thank you message to let them know how I miss them.

I don't expect anything in return but the way they react on my little habit gives me a thrill, always!

It sounds corny...

But there's a heartwarming feeling every time I send my appreciation most especially when I receive an even more sincere response. 

Try moh!

Mr. Frank Mihalic has inspired me to do so...something you might also want to ponder about.

Just saying "THANK YOU" helps not only ourselves but also the people who hear it.
If we thank people, they don't forget it.
And the next time around they will be glad to be of help to us.
They feel they owe us something.
Thanking people cheers them up;
you can see their faces light up.
It makes their work lighter.
They go on the same old job, but somehow it seems interesting and easier.

The words "THANK YOU" bear fruit immediately.
When we are thanked, our first reaction is to go and thank someone else.
And in that way we start a whole chain reaction of thanks.

What is particularly inspiring is thanks from above:
parents thanking children,
bosses thanking employees,
teachers thanking pupils.

Why is it that thanks is automatic to a stranger and not to those near?

Point-and-Shoot: Sleeping Positions

If bed is not available, just take a sit, bend over to a bag.
Raising your arms while lying at your back gives you a..uhm...argh...
If you're out, sleeping in a hammock is a comfy
When tired, your own bed is the best place to have a comfortable sleeping position.
If you're a forgetful person....

Why I Love Photography...

  • TIMELESS. It captures the moment that will be frozen forever.
The Friendship bonfire
  •  EYE-OPENER. It shows a larger picture, it tells you a story. Just by looking at it, gives you a better understanding of cultures, behaviors and nature.
Angry Fire Ants / Seems like they're staring back at me after I opened up 
their leafy home.
  • ADVENTURE. It gives you freedom to see a whole new world!
Photo Credit: Badeth Llanza / Pico De Loro
  • MAGIC. Even if you're not a magician, there are lots of tricks you can do with your camera, all you need to do is see things differently. It allows you to become more creative and with imagination, you'll enjoy creating your own tricks.
Sunset Fight / Jepang Kalbo vs Gorio Gwapito

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Korean Dish, My First Encounter

I saw this picture while checking old photos a while ago and I can barely remember it. (',') thinking... Hah! now I remember! I was then a sophomore college student. When I spent my semester break,  I got to know these Koreans back home.

What were we eating? I dunno what t'was called but I do recall there's a chili sauce, grilled pork and chinese cabbage. A bite-sized piece of pork was put into a sliced cabbage with a bit of chili sauce. You have to roll it over and eat it all at once. And that was my very first Korean taste! It's good actually. =D

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